Road to $10k MightyApe

24 players gathered to duke it out at Mighty Ape Road to Auckland 10K event on the 12th January. The field had a good spread of all 4 classes with a Meta game breakdown of 8 Warrior, 7 Ninja, 5 Guardian and 4 Brute. After a hard fought 5 rounds of swiss, the top 8 also had a split of all 4 classes, with 3 Ninja, 2 Warrior, 2 Guardian and 1 Brute.

Congratulations to Cayle McCreath on picking up his 2nd win in the Road to Auckland 10K season.

Date and Venue

Sunday, 12 January 2020
Start time: 11am
24/28 Highgate Parkway, Silverdale 0932

Tournament Information

Entry: $20