Road to $10k Card Merchant Westcity

On Saturday 14th December, 18 brave Heroes gathered to do battle at Card Merchant Westcity, Auckland.

The week before had seen only one Warrior step forward, but this week would be different. With 6 Warriors, 6 Ninjas, 3 Guardians and 3 Brutes, this definitely had a different feel to the tournament.

After 5 rounds Banson Yen topped Swiss with Ninja, managing to give Cayle McCreath his first loss in the Road to Auckland 10K Series. The Top 8 was made up of 4 Ninjas, 2 Guardians and 2 Warriors. While the Ninjas fought hard they were unable to come away with the win.

Congratulations to Sam Payne for taking out the win and keeping Bravo on top of the mountain.

Date and Venue

14th December 2019
Start time: 11am
Card Merchant, Shop S290, Westcity Mall, Henderson.

Tournament Information

Entry: $20