Road to $10k Next Level Games Dandenong

On Sunday 15th December, 10 brave Heroes were drawn to do battle at Next Level Games, Dandenong.

This was the first Road to Auckland 10k event held in Australia. With 6 Warriors, 2 Ninjas and 2 Brutes, this field was very different to what the 2 New Zealand events had put forward, most notably for the lack of any Guardian decks .

After 4 rounds Axel Goodall topped Swiss with Dorinthea, though he must of felt like he had stepped into a hall of mirrors as the all the players in the Top 4 were playing Dorinthea.

Congratulations to Connor Tobin-Underwood on his win.

Date and Venue

Sunday, 15 December 2019
Start time: 1pm
Level 1, 125 Thomas Street
3175 Dandenong, Victoria

Tournament Information

Entry : $15.00