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The Destination is one of Louisville's best comics and collectibles shops. We pride ourselves on being a community involved retail experience. We are your one stop shop for all things pop culture.

Upcoming Tournaments

Armory Event

Thu 29th Jul, 6 PM Blitz Event Link

5031 Shelbyville Road, Jefferson County, KY, United States

The Louisville Flesh and Blood League will be getting a little more toxic... but in a good way! This will be our first special event: Pick Your Poison!

This is how it works: If you choose to participate, you will bring TWO constructed Blitz decks. Each deck must have a different Hero type (so, no Ninja/Ninja or Brute/Dark Brute for example). Equipment can be shared between decks, but you cannot swap cards between your two 40 card decks. When you begin your game, if both players are participating they will set out both Heroes and roll as normal. Each player will secretly put a token/die/marker in their left or right hand. Then both players reveal which hand has the token at the same time. Left hand = opponent's hero on their left and right hand = opponent's hero on their right. If only one player is participating, then they get to pick which hero to use after seeing their opponent's deck.

Every player who chooses to participate in Pick Your Poison will receive 3 bonus points. The highest ranked player who brings two legal decks will instead get 5 bonus points for the league.

This event will be a 3-4 round (depending on attendance) Constructed Blitz tournament. Standard Blitz rules are in effect, and can be found at Entry for this event will be $5, and you must be a league member in good standing. Annual dues for the league are $10.

Please make sure to have an account created on the Flesh and Blood website at, and bring your ID # so that we can enter you into the tournament system. Prizes will be awarded to the winner of the event, as well as other lucky players! Players of all skill levels, from beginner to ace, are welcome and encouraged to attend.
Flesh and Blood is the hottest new TCG on the planet, and it is growing daily.
While it has become a favorite of collectors, getting into the game to play is easy with the Unlimited printing of cards. You can get more information on the Louisville Flesh and Blood League on our Facebook page (
The Destination is the Season 1 host for weekly LFaBL action! Any questions, just let us know. Otherwise, we will see you @ The Destination!