Cloak and Blaster

875 Woodbury Road, Orange County, FL, United States

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The Cloak & Blaster is a full-service board game pub and kitchen with nearly 500 board games, tavern fare, and a craft-focused beverage program.

Our upstairs Citadel Lounge features open couches, perfect for RPG campaigns, and select Xbox and Nintendo Switch games.

Upcoming Tournaments

Armory Event (Online)

Sat 4th Jul, 10 AM Sealed Deck

875 Woodbury Road, Orange County, FL, United States

This tournament will be our first online event! The event will cost $26 per person and will include the 6 packs to build your deck as well as a chance at a prize pool. For each player that signs up after the first 2 we will add more boosters to the prize pool up to a whole case of product! You can sign up by coming into the Cloak and Blaster or by calling over the phone. We are currently not taking cash so have your debit/credit card number ready if you visit.

The starting prize pool will inlcude:

  • Welcome to Rathe Boosters
  • Arcane Rising Boosters
  • 1 Armory Kit Playmat (TBD)
  • 2 Dawnblade Cold Foils
  • Anyone competing will also get 10% off any TCG/TCG Supplies purchase from The Cloak and Blaster on the same ticket as their signup! (Currently we carry FaB, and Keyforge)
  • Select players will get a discount on preordering Flesh and Blood: Crucible of War Releasing on August 28th 2020!

These prizes will be distributed depending on event turn out and at our discretion. Anyone claiming prizes will be required to submit their decklist for inspection and validity.

Stop by the bar and pick up your 6 packs or arrange to have them shipped to you before the tournament begins and we will pair people to compete over the internet (where no one can contract COVID!) We will post pairings and time restrictions in discord. Players will be given a time bracket to complete their match with their opponent and you will not be required to use any specific medium to play, but we highly recommend using Tabletop Simulator as it is the easiest to manipulate and use (it also is useable for other games!)  Each Armory event will take a different amount of time as we pair people up and there are differing turnouts!

Other popular and free methods are:

  • Webcam (just make sure face it down to your play space!) This can be done over discord video or other video services (zoom, skype, google hangouts)

We cannot be actively monitoring every single match of this tournament so we will be relying on player reports of outcome. We ask that you be as honest as possible and please don't use cards that you did not actively pull in your sealed purchase and don't submit false records for your matches. Online play is new to the game and we want to have a fun time and respect the process. Thanks!

If you have any questions about setting up a match or technical difficulties please get in contact with us via discord by tagging "paxilon23" with your question in our community discord. You can also message our facebook page if you prefer and we will respond as quickly as possible.

This will be a learning experience for all of us so we appreciate your patience with our first online event! We appreciate the community and your support!

Lets play some Flesh and Blood!


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