Cloak and Blaster

875 Woodbury Road, Orange County, FL, United States

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The Cloak & Blaster is a full-service board game pub and kitchen with nearly 500 board games, tavern fare, and a craft-focused beverage program. Check our website for COVID updates and new restrictions. 

Our upstairs Citadel Lounge is closed indefinitely. 

Upcoming Tournaments

- 5 - days away

Welcome Deck Event

Tue 20th Apr, 5 PM Welcome Event

875 Woodbury Road, Orange County, FL, United States

Come on in and learn the game of flesh and blood with some custom made decks as well as a select few new players walking away with welcome decks. We want to grow the community and get people into Flesh and Blood so they can participate in our Monarch events and possible pre-release(s)! All welcome decks will be given out already unsealed and ready to play with! Lets have some fun and spread the game of Flesh and Blood!

- 5 - days away

Armory Event

Tue 20th Apr, 6 PM Booster Draft

875 Woodbury Road, Orange County, FL, United States

$18 buy in gets every entrant three packs to draft with a chance at a CF hero, packs, and foil extended art promos! The more people we get the more packs we give away!

If we dont get +6 people in the pod we will go ahead and change this to Sealed format, with a new price of $27, but each player gets 6 packs to build a deck and prize support on top of that. 

- 12 - days away

Armory Event

Tue 27th Apr, 6 PM Classic Constructed

875 Woodbury Road, Orange County, FL, United States

MONARCH RELEASES OFFICIALLY IN LESS THAN A WEEK (but it got delayed so our prerelease is now in less than a week). OH MY GOD. GUYS. ITS. SOOOOOOOOOOOOO. CLOSE. 

So today we'll be playing for packs of Monarch 1st edition (if we can, depends on how much we have...) 

Event will be $12 buy in. Players can win CF hero, and extended art foils a plenty, but we all know you're here for the MONARCH 1st EDITION PACKS. Each entry puts 2 packs into the pool. Up to top 8 will all get at least one pack regardless of record. These packs will be delivered to players at the next event and will be held as a credit. If packs are not picked up within 2 weeks they will be converted into Monarch Unlimited pack credits, so make sure to come back and get your packs! 

- 15 - days away

Monarch Pre-release - (Friday 30th April)

Fri 30th Apr, 5 PM Sealed Deck

875 Woodbury Road, Orange County, FL, United States

It's finally here. We're gonna crack open some Monarch! I can't believe it, but it's true! 

Entry fee: $30

What you get: 6 packs of Monarch 1st ed, 2 Cold Foil Promos, a chance to prove yourself for more foil promos and other prizes!

Format: Sealed deck (

Sign up here: Pending activation of sales on our stores website (should have a link here soon!)