Taps Games

2854 Calgary Trail Northwest, Division No. 11, AB, Canada

Upcoming Tournaments

- 3 - days away

Armory Event (Online)

Sun 18th Apr, 2 PM Blitz

2854 Calgary Trail Northwest, Division No. 11, AB, Canada

Online Armour Blitz event.
Start time 2:00pm mst

Tourney Rules: https://fabtcg.com/resources/gameplay-formats/blitz/

Discord Link: https://discord.gg/2ZNewF29ey

There will be a check in 10 minutes before the start of the tourney to make sure all players registered are present.

card legality: https://fabtcg.com/.../rules-and.../card-legality-policy/

All participants will receive a promo card, one random participant will receive a cold foil promo card of their choice. Players will vote on a participant to receive a Flesh and blood themed playmat.

3 rounds 30 minute matches best of 1 as per Blitz rules.

All games will be played over webcam in discord. (see link above)

Hope to see you online!

- 17 - days away

Monarch Pre-release - (Sunday 2nd May)

Sun 2nd May, 1 PM Sealed Deck Event Link

2854 Calgary Trail Northwest, Division No. 11, AB, Canada

Join us for the Flesh and Blood: Monarch Pre-release! Pre-release is your opportunity to get your hands on the upcoming expansion for the first time, as well as get some sweet promo cards!

The format will be Sealed Deck. This means that each player will recieve 6 booster packs to build their deck. (30 card minimum)

Players may pick up their Pre-release booster packs Friday, April 30th, until Sunday, May 2nd (before the event).

Entry Fee - $45
Format - Sealed Deck
Rounds - 3
Start Time - 1:00 PM

Pre-release promos can be picked up from the store at anytime after the event. (Must have participated in the event)