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52 Rua São Pedro, Viseu, Portugal


Upcoming Tournaments

- 10 - days away

Welcome Deck Event

Sat 12th Dec, 3 PM Welcome Event

52 Rua São Pedro, Viseu, Portugal

We'll be holding a welcome event to Flesh and Blood. Everyone is welcome to come and try the game! We'll have a couple of starter decks, as well as preconstructed hero-decks to play with. More information coming soon.

Covid19 notice: At the moment we do not know what the restrictions will be. Make sure to check this event closer to the date for more information, or contact us.

- 11 - days away

Armory Event

Sun 13th Dec, 3 PM Booster Draft

52 Rua São Pedro, Viseu, Portugal

We'll be organizing our first draft. Everyone is welcome. If you're familiar with Magic drafting, you will know how this works. For everyone else, we will explain on the day. Don't worry, it's easy and beginner friendly!

Entry fee: 10 euro's. For that, you'll receive 3 boosters during the draft. (Normal price for 3 boosters is 12 euro's). The winner of the draft receives an additional booster. We'll also have some goodies to give away.

Covid 19 notice: We're currently not sure what the measures will be around this time. Watch this event for an update closer to date, or contact us if you want to know more.