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Roelof Hartstraat 80, 1071 VM Amsterdam, Netherlands

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Welcome to Friends & Foes Amsterdam (est. 2016)

Upcoming Tournaments

- 4 - days away

Armory Event

Thu 23rd May, 7 PM Booster Draft

136 De Clercqstraat, Amsterdam-West, Amsterdam, NH, Netherlands

Flesh and Blood TCG - Booster Draft Armory Event - Amsterdam
@2 klaveren Amsterdam

With Part the Mistveil around the corner we are gooing back to the Pits were the assassins rule under Uzuri a Mysteria born assassin who went into the world looking for her purpose. And were Benji and Katsu followed her into the pits to look for her. Will these heroes from Mysteria find the conclusion to their mission before the Mistveil will be parted and Mysteria will be open to the world?

Booster draft is a fun way to construct decks and battle it out. 
Each player will have three boosters. After you open your first booster you pick one card to keep. Then pass the other cards to your neighbour. You will get a new hand from a different neighbour and choose another card to keep. We keep dooing this until all three boosters have been distributed. Then we all build a deck from the cards we drafted and battle it out.

Entrance: €12,- 
Time: 19:00 - 22:00
Format: Booster draft

Prize support
Cold foil promo - for the highest ranking player who has not already won one this month.

Extended art Promo

If you are a new player or interested in the game but never played. Feel welcome to come and we will teach you the game. 
Do send us an e-mail beforehand tho so we can bring some free decks for you to learn the game with and take home.

If you are a new to Amsterdam armories please send us an e-mail for the registration link.

The Flesh and Blood event will not be instore. Instead we have a different venue with catering.

>>No outside food or drinks allowed!<<

Spelletjes café 2 KLAVEREN
De Clercqstraat 136,
1052 NP Amsterdam
The Netherlands

2 Klaveren is a café, restaurant and event-venue. They have some great speciality beers and dishes on the menu. Enough options are available.

Public transport
The tram 13 from Central Station stops at 'Willem de Zwijgerlaan' a 100m away fom 2 Klaveren.

By car
There is paid parking in the area. You can find the prices on the following website:


For more info please contact us at:

- 5 - days away

Part the Mistveil Pre-release

Sat 25th May, 12 PM Sealed Deck

Roelof Hartstraat 80, 1071 VM Amsterdam, Netherlands

Info coming soon