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The place to play the most awesome games with the most awesome people!


Upcoming Tournaments

- 2 - days away

Armory Event

Sun 2nd Apr, 12 PM Classic Constructed Event Link

5666 Chemin de Chambly, Saint-Hubert, Montérégie, QC, Canada

🌟Flesh and Blood Classic Constructed Armory 🌟


Start Time / Heure de Début - midi

Entry Fee / Frais d’Inscription - FREE!! / GRATUIT!!

🏆Prizes / Prix (Based on Record)🏆

5$ store credit per win!!/5$ crédit magasin par victoire!!

1 Match Win / Victoire - $5 Store Credit / $5 Crédit Magasin

💥Winner receives A COLD FOIL !!💥

Other participation promos will be given out during the event! WOOT WOOT!

We also have a brand new New Player program! Each player who brings a new player to play in Armory events will receive a free booster pack along with the new player, and will be in the running to receive a People's Champion playmat at the end of the month because of their role being a positive force for our local Flesh and Blood community!

Armory events are not only a great place to meet local FAB players, receive sweet promo items, and support your Local Game Store, but they are the primary way to earn XP on your player account that will unlock prestige and invitations to professional level organized play tournaments in the future!


-Do not touch other players' cards without permission
-Wash your hands frequently. Hand sanitizer will be provided
-If you have symptoms of COVID-19, do not come to the event, even if you are preregistered. Please advise us prior to the event if you are presenting symptoms or can no longer attend for whatever reason, and we will reimburse your entry

-Respect all other guidelines that the tournament organizer will provide during the event

- 22 - days away

Skirmish Season 6

Sat 22nd Apr, 12 PM Sealed Deck Event Link

5666 Chemin de Chambly, Saint-Hubert, QC, Canada

Skirmish Season is back at Boutique Awesome! Come participate in our Outsiders Sealed event, with a set made specifically to offer an AWESOME Limited Experience! / La saison de Skirmish est de retour chez Boutique Awesome! Venez participer à notre Sealed de Flesh and Blood Outsiders, un set fait spécifiquement pour avoir une expérience de limited AWESOME!

Flesh and Blood Outsiders Sealed Skirmish Win-a-Box
Start Time / Heure de Début - 12h00
Entry Fee / Frais d’Inscription - $54.99 / $68 en Crédit Magasin

🏆Prizes/ Prix 🏆

En plus du prize kit, nous mettons aussi l'équivalent d'une caisse de booster boxes de Outsiders dans le prize pool!/ Along with the prize kit, we're adding a case's worth of Flesh and Blood Outsiders boosters to the prize pool!

Le gagnant remportera un playmat Razor's Edge et une enveloppe scellé avec un Azalea Cold Foil,! / Winner will receive a Razor's Edge Playmat, a Black Envelope Azalea Cold Foil!

Deuxième place remporta un playmat Razor's Edge! / 2nd place will receive a Razor's Edge playmat!

Chaque joueur recevra un Uzuri, Riptide, ou Arakni, Solitary Confinement Rainbow Foil comme prix de participation!/ Each player will receive a rainbow foil Uzuri, Riptide, or Arakni, Solitary Confinement as a participation prize!

Un Azalea Cold Foil sera aussi tiré parmi les participants!/ A Cold Foil Azalea envelope will also be randomly drawn amongst players!

D'autres prix seront ajoutés en fonction du nombre de participants/Other prizes will be added to the prize pool according to attendance.

- 58 - days away

Road to Nationals 2023

Sun 28th May, 11 AM Classic Constructed

5666 Chemin de Chambly, Saint-Hubert, Montérégie, QC, Canada

More information coming soon!