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Via del Casato, 18, 50019 Sesto Fiorentino FI, Italy

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The shop is located inside the "Centro Culturale Arzach", inside the Center it is possible to find two large rooms with tables for up to 40 people to play comfortably.
In addition to competitive tournaments, we organize free demo days dedicated to modern board games and new card games.

Upcoming Tournaments

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Part the Mistveil Pre-release

Sat 25th May, 9:30 AM Sealed Deck

Via del Casato, 18, 50019 Sesto Fiorentino FI, Italy

For ten thousand years our ancestors have walked the path well traveled.

Like the tiger stalking its prey... They have waited.

Like the snake hiding in the murky water... They have waited.

Like the waning faces of the moon... They have waited.

Until now.

The truth lies beyond the mist.


What is Part the Mistveil Pre-Release Weekend?
Celebrate the latest booster set with Pre-Release events, allowing players to come together and open packs ahead of release weekend. Pre-Releases will be running in local game stores worldwide from Friday May 24th through to Monday May 27th.

When and Where
25th May - 9.30 am
AZ Card & Games - Sesto Fiorentino (FI)

What is the format for Pre-Release?
Part the Mistveil Sealed Deck is the format for this event. Please note that Part the Mistveil Sealed Deck events use 8 booster packs per player.

Entry fee
35€ if registered no later than Thursday 23 May (paypal friend option)
40€ for last minute tickets

Player Cap

3-4 Swiss Rounds

1 booster pack will be added to the prize pool for each participant in the tournament

What is the kit?

Each player receives a Part the Mistveil 10-card Pre-Release pack which includes:

  • 1 random equipment (Rainbow Foil) Promo Card (14 different variants)
  • 1 random ?????? (Cold Foil) Promo Card (3 different variants)
  • 2 ?????? (Rainbow Foil Extended Art) Promo Cards
  • 6 Token Cards