How do you match up against fellow FAB players in your country and around the world?

Participate in our OP programs to earn XP and ELO. All you need is a FAB Player ID (obtained by registering).

90 day XP is our default leaderboard, being a dynamic representation of the performance and commitment of active FAB players. 90 day XP will be used to award invitations to premier level events and seasonal rewards at pre-announced milestone dates. The 90 day XP leaderboard includes XP gained during the previous 90 calendar days and updates daily at 6.00am EST / 12.00am NZT. (What is XP?)

Rank (90 Days) Country Name XP (90 Days)
6051  NZ Simon Austin-Wallace (3636) 50
6052  GR Stefanos Michalakis (52696172) 50
6053  JP TOMOKI KAJIWARA (10203) 50
6054  NL Yael Belder (27995297) 50