Sculptor of Arc Light

Greatness deserves to be remembered. Champions of Flesh and Blood professional events are immortalized on each hero’s Legend page, forever etched into the history of the game for those who follow.

The most successful heroes in the game will ultimately achieve Living Legend Status.

September 12th, 2021

The Calling Las Vegas was destined to be an all time great event. It was the first major TCG tournament since the onset of the covid global pandemic. It was the conclusion to the Monarch competitive story arc, that had played out across the world throughout the Road to Nationals season. Chane had cast a long shadow across the world, with a dominating R2N season, and was seen as an unstoppable force of darkness. The valiant heroes of Solana, had their backs against the wall, the Light of Sol on the brink of being extinguished.

After 13 rounds of Classic Constructed, 2 heroes remained of the 750 that entered the arena. In a finale that couldn't have been scripted better, the conclusion to the Monarch season, Light vs Shadow, Angels vs Demons, Solana vs Demonastery, there stood face to face for all the glory; Prism vs Chane.

Chane unleashed his violent and grim assault upon Prism, pulsing tremors from iArathael across the battlefield, ripping dark arcana through the dimenxxional rift, and ultimately summoning the legendary embra Ursur to fight alongside him. However, Tyler Horspool had discovered secrets within the dusty tomes of the Great Library of Solana that other scholars had overlooked. He had discovered the secret to withstand the consuming shadow from beyond the realm of Rathe. Tyler's dedication to endure the night, an unwavering belief that the Light may at times be dulled, but never extinguished, saw him and his innovative Prism deck emerge victorious at what will always been remembered as a landmark event in the history of Flesh and Blood.

Tyler Horspool - Prism, Sculptor of Arc Light - 1st place the Calling Las Vegas (September 11, 2021)

The Calling Las Vegas - Final Match - Tyler Horspool vs Sebastiano Cavallo

January 22nd, 2022

Nick Holding and Prism, Sculptor of Arc Light invoked Solana’s legendary beings and sailed through the vast ocean of knowledge that the Great Library of Solana holds, claiming a plethora of victories in the Light’s name.

Nick took somewhat of a risk bringing Prism into a possible aggressive Briar, Warden of Thorns metagame at the 2021 New Zealand National Championship. However, this risk reaped nothing but reward as, despite having a hard time against the attack-heavy “go wide” decks of the format, Prism was poised to ascend above the slower decks and have them question what is real, as her quickness, curiosity and incredible intelligence lit the way to championship glory.

After two days of the most cutthroat competition on the planet, Nick and Prism sat down in front of reigning, defending 2020 National Champion Matt Rogers and Oldhim, Grandfather of Eternity in the final in a matchup that could prove to turn from un uphill battle to a full on avalanche of auras for the Elemental Guardian.

And an avalanche it was! Nick and Prism delivered an armada of arc light spectras in the forms of Ode to Wrath, Merciful Retribution, Genesis, Arc Light Sentinel and a seemingly infinite spectacle of Spectral Shields. Oldhim fought back valiantly but as the auras began to snowball, so did Prism’s chances of victory. The endless knowledge of the Great Library of Solana sat in Nick’s hand for a few turns as he managed his pitch zone waiting for the perfect moment but finally, the doors opened and enlightenment was found! Shortly after the Library hit the arena, Nick Holding’s dreams of becoming the New Zealand National Champion became reality!

Nick Holding - Prism, Sculptor of Arc Light - 1st place 2021 New Zealand National Championship (January 22, 2022)

2021 New Zealand National Championship - Final Match - Nick Holding vs Matt Rogers