Up the sides of mighty fjords that reach up into the heavens lies a domain brimming with the essence of Lightning and Ice. The people of Aria named this fantastical realm Enion, the Armory of Ancients, and the Training Ground of Champions.

Lexi grew up in Volthaven, a village that drifted slowly as it navigated the treacherous skies of Enion. Her childhood was spent in wide-eyed wonder, under the soft embrace of the Aurora, as she marveled at the majestic sights that lay beyond her windows. As she grew, she fell in love with the sense of freedom found in the environment all around her, and resolved to explore its beauty and secrets by becoming the greatest Wayfarer in all of Rathe! She was daring, talented, and quick on her feet, and soon became the darling of Volthaven, and a most renowned adventurer recognized throughout the thousand isles of Enion.

During this time of change, as the Old Ones' influence seeps into Aria once more, mysterious vaults have appeared all over Enion as the elements run wild throughout the region, destroying their beautiful home. It is up to Lexi and her friends to delve deep into the mysteries lying at the heart of Enion. They must rediscover the secrets of the Third Age and the legacy of the defenders and the Ancients, before it is too late.

Hero Highlights

Interference Runner

Lexi likes to mess with the enemy and keep them on their toes. Strike like lightning and put the freeze on the opponent's best laid plans, with Lexi's range of disruptive on hit arrow effects and hero ability.

Essence of Lightning

As quick as lightning and hot to touch. Lexi draws upon Aria's elemental Lightning energy for speed in combat and that extra shock factor on impact!

Essence of Ice

Everything is hard work when you're frozen to the bone. Lexi uses Aria's elemental Ice energy to make everything harder for her opponents. She uses Ice to disrupt their defenses with dominate, and slow down the enemy's offensive plans by sapping their resources with Frostbites.

Ride the Aurora

Lexi, Livewire

Lexi calls on the element of Lighting to strike her opponents in a flash, while channeling the element of Ice to disrupt them in their plans.


When building your Lexi deck, will you lean towards a pure Lightning flash deck, an Ice tax deck, or combine the elements for dual fusion?


Put the opponent's best laid plans on ice, with Frostbites. Created with Lexi's own hero ability, or through numerous hit effects, Frostbite allows you to control the pace of the game.

Voltaire, Strike Twice

They say lightning never strikes twice... Lexi is here to prove that wrong with her signature bow. Voltaire is the first of it's kind, featuring a "Twice per Turn" activated ability, that enables you to unleash a rapid fire of arrows, with the built in go again ability, or set up more strategic plays in combination with New Horizon.

New Horizon

Expand your horizon to set up plays that will see you towards victory. The long awaited "double arsenal" is here, giving the Ranger class a unique advantage in the battles to come.

Light it Up

Lexi's specialization leans into her primary element. Lightning loves to flow through metal, and equipment is the perfect conduit. Inflict an enormous amount of damage and short circuit your opponent's equipment abilities at the same time, with Light It Up's fusion effect.

Pulse of Volthaven

Volthaven is a unique location within Aria, being the only known convergence point of Lightning and Ice elemental energy. Pulse of Volthaven showcases this by being the only card that is both Lightning and Ice, the perfect card to reveal for Lexi's hero ability, her fusion cards, and enabling the powerful dual fusion cards like Ice Storm with a single card.

Ice Storm

Dual fuse Ice Storm and combine with Ice's dominate proficiency to completely lock the opponent out of their next turn as they are buried beneath a mountain of Frostbites.

Channel Lake Frigid

Draw from deep within the Flow of Aria to channel the pure Ice elemental energy of Lake Frigid and slow pace of battle. A trip to Lake Frigid will stop cold heroes who rely heavily on go again.

Call Down the Lightning

There's a certain spark inside you that electrifies everyone in your presence, often to thunderous applause.