Beneath Iyslander’s icy facade there beats a heart that is warm and full of longing. Her isolation has taught her much. How to survive. How to strive and thrive in a harsh land. Yet Iyslander knows she still has so much more to learn.

First Isylander must thaw the walls that have sealed her away from her own history, from the full potential of her power. She must extinguish the burning pain of her past if she is to harness her arcane future.

Voices echo across the Bleak Expanse, carried to her by the winds of change. She hears the screams of war. She listens to the whispers of suffering. She is ready to answer their call.

From the frozen wastes into a fractured world, Isylander’s journey has begun, and she will be as unstoppable as the coming of winter.

Stories written by Edwin McRae and Rachel Rees.
Directed by Robbie. Illus. by Sam Yang.