Ash Artist

Dromai barely remembers her parents, Torvai the Dracai, and Sani of the Sandfolk. Murdered before she had even learned to walk. Min of the Forest of Flames found her, raised her in a humble village amongst the struggle and strife of Volcai life. A hatchling dragon in the nest of the phoenix.

She and Min’s son became as thick as thieves. Dromai was the mastermind, deceiving and dismaying with wit and illusion. Her adoptive brother was her minion, liberating sweets and toys from childish rivals. Yet Dromai did not plan these capers for the simple fun of it. She planned them for the practice. For the preparation. She felt different, a pretender among the peasants. Deep in her heart, Dromai knew she was destined for greater things.

When the Dracai led her away from that burning village, she did not weep. She did not even look back. She had never belonged there. Hers was the Way of the Dracai. Where power awaited beyond her imagining?

No. Dromai’s imagination is as boundless as her ambition. She is an ash artist, and her visions will strike terror into the hearts of all who behold them.

Stories written by Edwin McRae and Rachel Rees.
Directed by Robbie. Illus. by Sam Yang, Nikolay Moskvin.