Inventor Extraordinaire


Dash likes to go fast and she uses the latest Metrix tech to satisfy her need for speed! When playing Dash, your deck is your gas tank. Push the pedal to the metal for an extra burst of speed and mech items to go into hyper-drive!

Hyper Driver
Pedal to the Metal (1)

Boost is a keyword found on Mechanologist attack action cards. As an additional cost to play an attack with boost, you may banish the top card of your deck. If it is a Mechanologist card, the attack gains go again.

Throttle (1)
Zipper Hit (1)
Zero to Sixty (1)

For Dash to keep the pace up, it’s very important to have a lot of Mechanologist cards in your deck. If you boost and do not banish a Mechanologist card, your attack will not gain go again and your turn will likely end once the attack resolves.

Gadgets & Gizmos

Dash is an inventor extraordinaire, creating amazing gadgets to improve and enhance her ability in combat.

Dissipation Shield
Teklo Core

Dash starts the game with an item with a cost of {r}{r} or less in play. Dash can use one of her many creations depending on the opposing hero to combat their strategy.

Dash, Inventor Extraordinaire
Aether Sink

Items stay in the arena until they are destroyed. Item cards do not have a defense value so you cannot defend with them from your hand. Dash’s items are all action cards, and therefore cost an action point to play. Because of these factors you need to be considerate to how many items you include in your deck, as having multiple items in your hand at the same time can be awkward. If you want to play with a lot of items, using Pour the Mold will help you deploy them.

Pour the Mold (1)

Some Mechanologist items have ‘tick down’ effects that have limited use before they are destroyed. There are other items that can be used over and over again by paying resources to charge them up with steam counters.

Optekal Monocle
Cognition Nodes

Pistol & Action Points

Teklo Plasma Pistol is the first weapon that does not have the ‘Once per Turn Action’’ clause attached to its attack ability. That means if you have multiple action points, and the resources to put steam counters in it, you can shoot your pistol multiple times during a single turn.

Teklo Plasma Pistol

Giving your Teklo Plasma Pistol go again is another way to attack with it more than once per turn and Dash has the perfect item in her toolkit to do just that!

Induction Chamber
High Octane