Ace in the Hole

Bow and Arrows

Azalea is a huntress for hire, using her bow Death Dealer to cause detrimental effects to opposing heroes in range of her arrow attacks.

Azalea, Ace in the Hole
Death Dealer

Arrows are a special kind of attack action cards, that can only be played from arsenal and only if you control a bow.

Searing Shot (1)
Sic 'Em Shot (1)

As arrow cards can only be played from the arsenal, Azalea needs a way to get them into her arsenal proactively, which is where her bow comes in.


Reload is a keyword found on some ‘non-attack’ Ranger cards. Reload is important because your bow can only be used once per turn to load an arrow into your arsenal. Reload allows you to get additional arrows loaded for the kill shot.

Take Aim (1)
Rapid Fire

Reload is the best way to play more than 1 arrow attack in a single turn. If the arrow has go again, or you have additional action points. Reload also works well with cards that get bonuses when played from arsenal.

Plunder Run (1)
Force Sight (3)

If you have a weak hand, Azalea always has an ace up her sleeve. You can reload an unexciting card into your arsenal, then use Azalea’s hero ability to try and turn it into something more impressive.

The Arsenal

The most important zone for a Ranger is their arsenal. All of their arrow cards must be played from arsenal. This restriction balances the very powerful and efficient effects of arrow attacks.

Hamstring Shot (1)

When setting a card in your arsenal at the end of your turn, it is very important to make sure cards that are situational or hard to play do not get stranded in the arsenal for your next turn. Prioritizing cards that have go again gives you the best chance to clear your arsenal so you can get arrows loaded to attack.

Sic 'Em Shot (1)
Nimblism (1)
Vigor Rush (1)

If a card gets stranded in the arsenal you will either have to rely on Azaleas hero ability to replace that card with something off the top of your deck, or… possibly end your turn without doing anything.