Arakni is the blade that strikes in the dead of night.

Having crawled out from the most wretched recesses of The Pits, Arakni has shed their past like a slurry scorpion sheds its carapace. A dagger unsheathed of morality and conscience, a weapon of sharpened mind and polished purpose.

Arakni cares nothing for the petty squabbles infecting the minds of Rathe’s denizens, nor the sweaty dealings of contract and coin. The work is their life and their life is the work.

To the murderous wannabes straining for attention in Arakni’s wake, their slayings are peerless. The most notorious include a captain of industry, fed to the cogs of his grinding machines, and an artist of deadly grace, lost to the reddened morning mists of her mountainous refuge. Yet the most astonishing of those witnessed or attributed remains the head of a primal warlord mounted amongst their own skullish trophies. Fatalities unnatural and inexplicable—to the uninitiated. Killings both admired and analyzed by their fellow dealers in death.

Like a stone dropped into a stygian pool, Arakni causes ripples they will never witness nor reflect. Arakni carries no malice for those they take, has no reason to dance upon any man’s grave.

Death is Arakni's only concern. Assassination, their singular delight.

Hero Highlights

Contract Killer

Scour every nook and cranny from top to bottom, as you hunt the mark and claim your bounty. Use Arakni's hero ability to hunt for the target of your contract, and exterminate them to claim your pay day.

The Huntsman

Arakni, Huntsman

The prey of the Huntsman is not trapped in a web, but is actively stalked and run-down with stealth and speed. Their tools of choice, like large and powerful fangs, pierce the victim leaving them immobilised like a spider's bite.


Cut loose from a brood with a troubled past, to be used as a weapon without feeling or remorse. But who pulls the silky threads that control this marionette?

Spider's Bite

Like a pair of potent fangs, Spider's Bite pierces the opponents defenses, leaving them vulnerable to the strike that kills.

Blacktek Whisperers

Everything has a price in the Pits. Complete contracts, get paid, and you'll soon be equipping rejected experimental tech from Teklo Industries that "no-longer exists".


There's hit men. There's big game hunters. Then there's king slayers... but if you come at the king, you best not miss.

Leave No Witnesses

Professionals leave no witnesses. Lay to rest any by-standers in the arena at the same time as hitting your mark off the top of the deck.


When a job doesn't run like clockwork, sometimes you have to resort to a bit of ultra-violence. Eradicate can cull a large chunk of the opponents deck, each card hit another opportunity to complete the contract and get paid a Silver.

Surgical Extraction

When silence isn't enough, the Spider has its ways of extracting what it needs. Get inside the mind of your opponent, and pick to pieces their closely guarded plans.

Pay Day

When a job's well done, it's time to get paid. Use the Silver you've earned to buy the gear you need for your next job.

Annihilate the Armed

Sometimes in order to reach the mark, there's going to be collateral damage.

Slay the Scholars

They say the pen is mightier than the sword. Good thing Assassins prefer daggers.

Cut to the Chase

In the heat of combat, there is no time to waste. Use Cut to the Chase to zero in on your mark and finish the job.