Ira Welcome Deck

Printed in December 2018, the Ira Welcome Deck is provided to local game stores free of charge. There are 12 cards in the set, making up a total 32 card deck for new players to learn the basics of Flesh and Blood. These come with a simple rules insert, and were included as part of our retailer appreciation kit.

The Ira Welcome Deck is featured in the Flesh and Blood learn to play video.

Print Run Date Printed Printed In Languages Size of Print Run
First December 2018 Belgium English 45,000 decks
Second December 2020 Belgium English TBA
Code Card Name Printing Technique Notes
IRA001-P Ira Crimson Haze Normal The December 2018 version of Ira was printed without the "young" sub-type. This was added later when she released in Crucible of War, in order to make her legal for the Blitz format.
IRA002-P Edge of Autumn Normal The December 2018 version of Edge of Autumn has gold embellishments on the card frame, something that would become reserved for legendary equipment and weapons.
IRA003-P Whirling Mist Blossom Normal
IRA004-P Salt the Wound Normal
IRA005-P Bittering Thorns Normal
IRA006-P Torrent of Tempo Normal
IRA007-P Flying Kick Normal
IRA008-P Head Jab Normal
IRA009-P Scar for a Scar Normal
IRA010-P Brutal Assault Normal
IRA011-P Lunging Press Normal