USA - Uprising Release delayed to July 1

17th Jun 2022 Legend Story Studios

Port congestion along both east and west coasts of the USA is continuing to cause major disruptions to the timely delivery of goods across all industries.

Despite our efforts to build in what previously would have been generous amounts of buffer time to accommodate for delays, we have not been able to get a sufficient volume of Uprising into the USA to support the planned release date at the nation wide level.

The Uprising release date for the USA is now July 1. Please note that Uprising Pre-release events will be running across the USA this weekend as planned.

We know that fans will be disappointed by this news and appreciate your patience. A small number of US stores had Classic Constructed Road to Nationals events scheduled for the weekend of July 2-3, and we realize that these events will be affected by this delay. Our account managers are getting in touch with those affected stores to offer the opportunity to either reschedule the event or to change to Uprising Draft events instead.

In addition the legality date for Uprising in the USA has been changed to the July 1 release date. This does not affect non-USA countries.

We ask that retailers in the USA who receive Uprising retail stock before July 1 respect that the new release date for the USA is July 1, and do not release Uprising product to fans before this time.