UK - Uprising Pre-release Delay

16th Jun 2022 Legend Story Studios

Overnight we were informed by our European distributor that the stock intended for the UK Uprising Pre-Releases has been delayed by customs officials while in transit between their warehouses. While they are working hard to secure its release, they have informed us that they are almost certainly not going to be able to complete the delivery in time to allow UK Pre-Releases to happen this weekend.

By now, we expect that all affected stores should have been contacted by their distributor representative to inform you whether your stock has been affected by this situation. As a studio, we were extremely sorry to hear this, as we know how much effort stores have put into organising Pre-Release events, and the impact of having to reschedule these events at short notice.

We are very flexible in how impacted stores can manage this situation. If it is possible for you to reschedule your event, then you are welcome to do so. If you cannot reschedule your event, then when your kits arrive, we are happy for you to sell these as take home Release Kits for players at up to the same price that you would have charged for entry to the Pre Release.