Traveller's Guide to Barcelona

30th Oct 2023 Sunflower Samurai

Adrián Marín is a player/manager of the Sunflower Samurai team with a hunger for action. He's been an avid TCG player for over 20 years, finds enjoyment in organizing events, and always makes sure those around him are having a good time and bringing the best version of themselves.

Hello fellow players!

Are you making your way to sunny Barcelona this November to attend the largest Flesh and Blood event yet, the World Championship? Barcelona is a well known touristic hot spot, lots to do, lots to see… and let’s be real, you are coming to Spain, which means lots of food to sink your teeth into. As with any big European city, Barcelona is tightly packed, allowing for a hassle free touristic experience. Here are some tips to make sure you get the most out of your trip!

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Getting Around Town

Barcelona has a very solid public transport network, by riding the Metro or bus you can get basically anywhere in under 30 minutes. It is also affordable, and several kind of integrated multi-trip, multi-transport tickets exist, which let you take the Metro, bus, and/or trains, making your transportation budgeting real easy (look for T-Casual for 10 trips, Hola Barcelona for 2 to 5 days, all included).

Getting out of the airport can be done either by Metro, bus, or train, or you can get a taxi in the terminal that will take you to the venue area for around €25. Uber, Cabify, and Lyft all work in Barcelona, but they can’t pick people up at the airport. A cute thing about the Uber app which many of you might have already is that it also lets you call for a regular taxi here, which is a cheaper, more secure option.

Lastly, given the city is not that spread out, you can actually just walk around, as distance between most touristic spots are not too long, and the weather should be nice this time of year (but bring a jacket just in case).

As a general tip to plan your moving around Barcelona, make good use of Google Maps (download the map ahead of time if needed), as it is synched to the local public transport network and will accurately predict travel and venue opening times.

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Barcelona, as with most big European cities, is a generally safe place to roam as long as you don’t do it at 4am in areas that actually look and feel strange. Keep in mind, if you look like a tourist, walk like a tourist, and sound like a tourist, pickpockets may have you in their sights, so just make sure to keep a eye on your belongings at all times to keep them safe.

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La Fira and Plaça Espanya/Montjuic

Barcelona as a prominent touristic destination has many places to visit that would be a shame to miss. Let's group these into areas of town so you can plan which ones you’d like to visit the most.

Plaça Espanya, the area where the World Championship venue (La Fira) is located, is a crossroads of monumental beauty. The stroll past the Venetian Towers and up the stairs past the Magic Fountain up to the Catalan National Art Museum only gets better when you turn around for a fantastic sky view of the city.

Past the museum and venturing into Montjuic, you will find Barcelona '92 Olympics facilities like the Lluis Companys Olympic Stadium, where FC Barcelona is currently playing its games while their stadium (Camp Nou) is remodeled ahead of Spain’s 2030 Football World Cup, or the iconic Olympic Trampoline Jumping Pool. There is also a Cableway if you want to skip the climb to the stadiums or the Montjuic Castle.

Plaça Espanya is very well connected through public transport and offers plenty of lodging options through hotels or Airbnb for larger groups, definitely a recommended area to make your travel hub.

barcelona placa espanya

Sagrada Familia

There is no Barcelona travel tour without a mention of Sagrada Familia.

This Catholic Basilica started construction in 1882, the masterpiece of Antoni Gaudi, and the maximum exponent of Catalan modernist architecture. It’s construction is still underway, however, this doesn’t take away from it being one of the most recognized landscapes in the whole world, the second church in visitor numbers only to San Pedro in Vatican City. Once it is finished it will be the tallest Christian church in the world.

It is important to know, if you plan on visiting the inside, don’t sleep on getting your tickets. Book them well in advance.

If you haven't seen the beautiful Sigil of Solace promo card based on this historic architecture by talented artist Asur Misoa, check out our reveal HERE.

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Passeig de Gracia and Plaça Catalunya

We are now getting into the hip part of town. Culture, art, fashion, and good cuisine can be breathed in the air alone while walking down Passeig de Gracia.

Barcelona is described by many as the world’s capital of Architectonical Modernism, and when you are in this area of the city you will understand why… if you manage to gather your thoughts in between being amazed by every building here. Passeig de Gracia used to be the epicenter of Catalonian bourgeoisie of the 19th century, and it was a competition to hire the best architects to build a house better than your neighbour’s. Casa Batlló and Casa Milá are here and are a must see.

Home to many flagship stores of prestigious international brands, this is also the high end part of town for both shopping and classy dining, with specialised areas like Passatge de la Concepció, which has some of the classiest restaurants around, or El Nacional, an old train station turned restaurant with all types of cuisine for the foodies out there.

Once you walk down the street in Passeig the Gracia you will reach Plaça Catalunya, a prominent central square with tons of sculptures, surrounded by shopping malls, another hotspot for flagship stores (check out the Primark here), as well as your usual fast food joints.

Next up is La Rambla, the most touristic and crowded part of town. I can’t really recommend the restaurants you will find here as they could be considered tourist traps. If you are around at lunch time however, make sure to find your way to Mercat de La Boqueria, an old public market where you can get a taste of some Spanish delicacies like good Iberico ham, or many kinds of seafood.

Another favourite spot of mine for those with a sweet tooth is the ice cream parlor Rocambolesc. Brilliant ice creams straight from the mind of Jordi Roca, one of Spain's most famous chefs.

barcelona Passeig de Gracia

Arc de Triomf

Also known as the Geek Triangle of Barcelona, Arc de Triomf is a celebration of all things nerdy. This area of town has probably the biggest density of hobby stores I have seen anywhere - comics, sci-fi fiction, card games, board games, manga/anime figures, bubble tea, and more! All kinds of nerdy subcultures collide here in what is a feast for our inner child's imagination, and a tragedy to our grown-up wallets.

Just to name a few of the places to see here:

  • Gameria. This is the original local game store in Barcelona, with Armories every Saturday morning and Drafts on Thursday evenings. Pay them a visit while you are around, they are wonderful people.
  • Norma Comics. Will Eisner World’s Best Comic Shop 2018, this has been a mainstay since 1977. I have yet to find something they don’t have, a great stop if you're looking for all kinds of comics and all kinds of specialised merchandise.
  • Gigamesh. Europe’s biggest Fantasy, Terror, and Sci-Fi bookstore. This is an amazing place to find books from long lost publishers or special editions from times past.

And many more! Just walk into any store in the neighborhood if what I have described is up your alley, and you will be delighted.

Speaking of delights, if you get hungry while you are around (and it will happen), there are plenty of great Asian places around, such as Takumi Tonkotsu for ramen, and Manbok for Korean barbeque.

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Let's Talk Food

Barcelona has a mix of all the best Spanish and local Catalan cuisines, and while there are too many to list here, I will try to mention some dishes that you shouldn’t go back home without trying, and where to find them.

For breakfast you should keep an eye out for Pa amb tomaquet, (tomato covered bread) and Tortilla de Patata (Spanish tortilla). These two iconic dishes are staples of Catalonian and Spanish cuisines, and a big part of our identity! You should be able to find them in most bars.

For a copious meal, you should definitely try to find a good Seafood Paella place, or try a Mariscada (Seafood mix). You should be able to easily find this in Barceloneta, a part of town located next to the sea.

For dinner, let me drop a few local gems… Escalivada, Canelons, Coca, Esqueixada de bacallà, and Fricandó.

For dessert, Crema catalana or Mel i mató. Make sure to scout ahead of time to find a place near where you are staying that has good reviews. An excellent place close to the World Championship venue would be Taverna La Parra, a small joint with an amazing grill for all kinds of meat and vegetables.

barcelona paella

If you have any extra days and want to visit places not just in Barcelona, but near Barcelona, try visiting Sitges, a mesmerizing fishermen village turned tourism and culture hotspot, and home to the Sitges Film Festival, the world's first fantasy cinema festival. Or take the hike up the mountain top of Motserrat to bask in the calmness of the Benedictine monk mountain retreat about one hour North-West from Barcelona by train.

I really hope you all enjoy your time in Barcelona and I look forward to meeting as many of you as possible in the Flesh and Blood. If you spot our yellow sunflower shirts during the weekend, come say hello!

Please feel free to follow us on social media, where we have been sharing daily tips about Barcelona. If you have any questions, doubts, or proposals, don’t hesitate to drop us a DM.

Let’s make World Championship: Barcelona the best Flesh and Blood event ever!