Store to Stage

18th Nov 2023 Legend Story Studios

"Our mission is to bring people together in the flesh and blood through the common language of playing great games."

From humble beginnings as a small TCG released in 2019 by a tiny New Zealand studio, to a global gaming phenomenon with a $1,000,000 USD organised play circuit - Flesh and Blood was built from the ground up to be a new action-packed game that would bring friends together in person, both in high-level competitive tournaments and in casual games across the kitchen table.

Store to Stage: The Evolution of Flesh and Blood TCG is a new documentary that tells the story of Flesh and Blood, following the journey from release to becoming one of the biggest TCGs in the world.

Store to Stage features conversations with players, local game store owners, community members, and icons in the TCG industry. It premiered at World Championship: Barcelona on Thursday.

The community is the beating heart of Flesh and Blood. Every week thousands head to their local game stores to play at regular Flesh and Blood Armory Events. Every month thousands attend premier Flesh and Blood tournaments around the world such as the Calling and Battle Hardened. Every year thousands compete in 40+ National Championships, and travel across land and sea to join the pinnacle of Flesh and Blood pro play - Pro Tours and the annual World Championship.

The Flesh and Blood community and their passion for the game have made it one of the most celebrated TCGs in the market. We’re proud to honour them in this story as we celebrate the journey from the store to the stage.