Skirmish - Player FAQ

Feb 17, 2021

Skirmish Cover

The Skirmish season kicks off this weekend, running from the 20th of February through to the 11th of April.

Check out our Announcing Skirmish article first and then dive into the FAQ!

So what are Skirmish events?

Skirmish is a new organized play program designed to bring meaningful and accessible competitive play to Flesh and Blood communities around the world.

What are the formats?

Skirmish events in the Asia/Pacific region can be either WTR sealed or Blitz constructed. Due to the pandemic in the EU, UK, NA or MYA the events are all Blitz constructed online events.

Do the events offer qualification to other events like Road to Nationals?

Skirmish events do not offer any qualification, just great prizes and a chance for great games with your fellow Heroes!

You mention for the EU, UK ,USA & MYA events that they are online, why is this? In my area we have instore play!

When we initially developed the Skirmish events we had hoped that both vaccine roll outs and lock downs would have had a greater impact on COVID infection rates. Unfortunately, this hasn’t been the case in these territories. We wanted to make sure that players were able to take part in the Skirmish Series even if they didn’t feel comfortable playing in person under the current conditions, which is why we took the decision to move the series to an online format.

Wait, does this mean we can’t play events in-store now?

Stores can still continue to run in store play if permitted by state and government guidelines. Stores have the option to run up to 12 Armory Events from February through to April, which they can do in person if regulations allow. However while some people may feel comfortable heading into their LGS to play, others will still not feel confident to return while Covid remains prevalent. We want the Skirmish Series to be accessible to as many players as possible, and online play gives those players not comfortable with in-store play a chance to take part in these events. For those of you that do want to continue to play in person, we hope that you'll be able to participate in in-store Armory Events where available!

I’ve never played an online event. How do I get set up?

To play online events you can do it with a PC/laptop a web cam and a mic. If the events is run through Discord no additional software is needed. For further information check out this article from Channel Fireball How to play Flesh and Blood Skirmish online

So how do I track down a Skirmish event?

You can find the events here using the event locator Skirmish Event Locator

For online events how do I get enrolled, especially if it’s for a store that’s outside my country?

The best way is to contact the store through email or Facebook and confirm event details with them. Please note that it's up to the store whether to allow registrations from outside their state / country / territory, as they have to be able to manage the logistics of hosting the event.

The store I’ve approached for an online Skirmish says they have a limit on players or are not accepting players from outside their country. Can they do this?

Stores running online events are free to set reasonable restrictions on events. Please check with the store to confirm any restrictions they may have in place.

So with the events being online how do I get prizes?

Each Skirmish event has two Scar for a Scar playmats and eight Cold Foil Adult Hero cards. These prizes have now changed to participation prizes. If you play in a Skirmish event you will be eligible to win one of these prizes. These will be randomly awarded and shipped to you free of charge. If the store offers any prize support beyond this, including the foil Head Jabs, it is their responsibility to fulfill it.

Wait, how do you know where to ship the prizes?

To be eligible to win the prizes you must update your shipping address details in your player account. To do so head to

Player Account Log in , Log into your account and select Edit Account. Then just fill in the shipping address field. This information will only be used for shipping participation prizes for LSS approved events.

What about the rainbow foil alternate art Head Jabs?

For APAC players these will be given out at events at the discretion of the TO. For UK/EU/NA/MYA players these cards will be shipped out to participating stores soon and will be at there discretion to give out.

I have a lot of questions about the events, start times, are deck lists required etc Who do I ask?

These kinds of questions need to go to the participating store and their TO. Again check their event details and contact them from there.

Many of these events are being run on discord. Do I have to pay for this? How do I sign up for a store's Discord?

Discord is a free service and to sign up with a store's discord you just need to get a link to their discord. Check out this video on Discord: Discord Skirmish Tutorial. The video is primarily aimed at LGS, but is also useful for players as well.

So with online events how do we get pairings and report results?

It’s important to make sure you get this information from the TO for the event. However you can register for the event, see pairings and submit results through your player account. Check out this video for further information: Gem Skirmish Tutorial.

What happens if there are technical issues during my match? What if my opponent doesn’t show up for our match?

If you have technical issues during a match the TO should give you time to resolve it. If you are unable to resolve it, the TO may choose to award the win for the round to your opponent. If you are unable to rejoin the event they may need to drop you from the tournament. If your opponent no shows your match it should be treated exactly like it would be for an instore event. If they are not available they should receive a match loss and then be dropped from the tournament if they are unable to attend.

So for players in the APAC region is there anything different we need to know?

Skirmish events will be in-store events much like any event hosted by your LGS. Just make sure you check with your store for all the event details, anything from start times to whether deck lists are required.

I'm still totally lost! Who can I reach out to?

Email the team at, we are more than happy to help if needed.