Scheduled Banned & Suspended Announcement

24th Jun 2022 Legend Story Studios

Classic Constructed

The following heroes and signature weapons, have attained Living Legend status and are no longer legal for official Classic Constructed tournament play as of June 24, 2022:

  • Bravo, Star of the Show
  • Chane, Bound by Shadow
  • Galaxxi Black

Roll of honor articles celebrating all the players who contributed points towards Bravo's and Chane's ascension to Living Legend will be published next week, and embedded in the hero page of these two legendary heroes.

The following changes to Classic Constructed are effective from June 24, 2022:

  • Autumn's Touch is no longer suspended.
  • Seeds of Agony is no longer suspended.


The following changes to Blitz are effective from July 1, 2022:

  • Crown of Seeds is suspended until the next banned and suspended announcement following Skirmish season 5 (Skirmish s5 is scheduled to conclude August 21).

Blitz changes

Oldhim has been the best performing hero in Blitz throughout 2022. He had the highest match win % during Skirmish season 4, even better than Viserai who attained Living Legend. He put 6 players into the top 8 at the 451 player Battle Hardened that ran alongside Pro Tour New Jersey. He featured in every single team that made the top 4 at the recent Callings in Madrid, Las Vegas, and Sydney.

Oldhim's demonstrated performance over a sufficiently long period of time is enough to justify making a change in support of opening up the Blitz metagame for other heroes to compete alongside him. Crown of Seeds is the card we are choosing to suspend at this time, due to its power level, and the repetitive play patterns it enables when combined with Oldhim's other defensive resource sinks, that often have a suppressive effect on general enjoyment of gameplay.

Without Crown of Seeds, we expect Oldhim will adapt his strategy and deck configuration and continue to be a top hero in the Blitz metagame.


The following changes to Commoner are effective from July 1, 2022:

  • Ball Lightning is banned.
  • Belittle is banned.

Commoner changes

The Legend Story Studios dev team does not actively play test the Commoner format, but we do monitor and take note of community feedback. There has been a sufficient amount of community feedback that both Belittle and Ball Lightning make the Commoner format too fast.

Its been great to see such enthusiasm towards the Commoner format since its launch in April, and we thank the community for letting us know how the format is shaping up.

Next Scheduled Banned and Suspended Announcement

The next scheduled banned and suspended announcement is August 30, 2022.