Recap: War of the Monarch

11th Jul 2023 Kasharn Rao

As dusk consumed the day, brave heroes joined the battle for Rathe, leading the charge for the glory of light, or embracing the shadows within. The War of the Monarch has been utterly spectacular, with more than 2000 events taking place across the world!

Diving into the intricacies of Monarch draft was a delight for those who hadn't had the chance to fully experience it yet, while the masters of old could show off their expertise. Screams of joy could be heard from the tables as fresh packs were cracked and powerful decks were brought to life.

At the end of the day, the weary soldiers tore open packs of Dusk till Dawn, eager to get their hands on cards from the new set. Gorgeous marvels were discovered and immediately sleeved up by trembling hands.

This is what our community does best - coming together to share excitement, banter, and good times. Thank you all so much for joining the War of the Monarch, it means the world to us seeing faces both familiar and fresh coming together in the Flesh and Blood.

Now, let's check out some highlights!

hobby hub

Hobby Hub - Australia

"A big thank you to Legend Story Studios for giving us the opportunity to run this awesome event and a big thank you to our awesome community for making the day a truly awesome one! After three grueling rounds of Light against Shadow, Chane emerged victorious, piloted by the talented Michael Buckley!"

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bricks play

Bricks Play - Singapore

"A good opportunity to re-visit old sets once in a while. Thanks LSS!"

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Invaders Board Game Station Logo

Invaders Board Game Station - Indonesia

"Full house! Our Pre-Release event was divided into Dusk edition (Friday Night) and Dawn edition (Saturday Morning) and both were fully packed with 15 players each. 3 Light Heroes (2 Boltyn & 1 Prism) and 1 Shadow Hero (Chane) managed to win the events. Solana stands for now, but the Shadow still looms."

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Nakama Shop

Nakama Shop - Malaysia

"Our first Pre-Release! Equal heroes from Monarch were drafted, battling each other for the Coil Foil. Each round was tough, especially in round two with a Boltyn mirror. It was a tough fight with both at 1 life left. Both were blocking and attacking, waiting to see who would have more card advantage. The final round of the day was Light (Prism) and Shadow (Levia). The match started out even, until Levia managed to turn off her Blood Debt. Unfortunately for Prism, without any ward to protect herself, Levia managed to pull off a huge combo, with a dominated Deep Rooted Evil and sealing the win!"

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Gi Meow the Card Team logo

GiMeow The Card Team - Taiwan

"It was a wonderful day, birds were singing, and flowers were blooming. On days like this players like us should be indoors playing Flesh and Blood. And here we are having a nice evening playing draft and hanging out together!"

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dragons den

Dragon's Den Games - United States

"Event was great fun! We had enough players for two draft pods, the heroes were surprisingly diverse, and one lucky player managed to pull a Fabled!"

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the feisty goblin

The Feisty Goblin - United States

"We are a new store and this was our first Pre-Release and fourth FAB event ever! We were thrilled to have 8 people participate in our growing community of players here. The owner of the store decided on Monday to cosplay as Prism to add to the fun and excitement of the day and whipped something up in just a few days time. Our winner Jeff has been instrumental in helping our new players learn the game. We are so thrilled with how our first Pre-Release event turned out and can't wait for more to come!"

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haven games

The Haven Games - United States

"We started the day off with an 11 player draft of Monarch 1st and it was a crazy one! With Levia severely underrepresented in the draft the Levia players had their pick between the two of them for nearly every card that came their way! In the end it didn't mean that they would win out the day, Alex Laplume piloted Prism to the win after 4 rounds undefeated, winning himself a cold foil of her newest iteration! Being the nice guy he is, he immediately gifted the Prism to his friend, and long time Prism main, AJ Brown. After some players left to attend another draft event, 4 players remained to participate in another event for our remaining prizes. Playing Monarch 1st Sealed to compete for the cold foils and more Dusk till Dawn packs! Prism won out again alongside her favorite player of the day, Alex Laplume! Taking home another cold foil Prism for himself this time. While a back to back win is impressive and something to be commended, we also had another amazing occurrence at our event. Daniel Castro pulled a cold foil Vestige of Sol, bringing the power of the light to his prize packs as well, where he pulled a rainbow foil Empyrean Rapture! 2 Light Legendaries in one event! Congrats to Daniel on his pulls!"

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Palico Cards

Palico Cards - Canada

"We had a full house and 2 draft pods - some locals and some new players. A few people came by to draft for the first time. The winners of the two pods were both on Prism - they ended up battling each other in the exciting final fourth round to get their cold foil prize. Each participant in our event received 6 packs of Dusk till Dawn!"

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Nerdvana Games - United States

"Thank you so much for joining us tonight Flesh and Blood players for the Pre-Release of Dusk till Dawn! We hope you fought fast and brave, continuing to do so along your Legends adventure!"

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TOM大阪店 - Japan

初の最新弾のpackではないプレリリースだったので参加自体は当店では少ない人数になりましたがプロモカードは大変好評で盛り上がりました。 以前から取り扱っているpackなので実力と経験が優位になりがちと思いましたがリミテッドの魅力でもあるBOMカードで始めたてのプレイヤーにも勝ちがあり経験者、初心者両者とも楽しかったと最後には聞けて当店もいいイベントが開けて感謝しています。

"There were fewer players for our Monarch draft, but the promos were very popular and players were excited for the event. At first we thought experienced players had an advantage because of their knowledge of Monarch, but we quickly found out that it was fun for beginners and experienced players alike. Monarch contains powerful bombs, which helped some beginners defeat experienced players. We had a great event!"

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Tolarie - Czech Republic

"Pre-Release of the new Flesh and Blood Dusk till Dawn set was attended by 13 players in Tolarie. 2 booster draft pods of 6 and 7 players each were played. The winner of the first draft pod was the undefeated Daniel Papež with Prism. The second draft pod was also won by undefeated Pavel Hlaváček, also with Prism."

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for the win

For The Win - United States

"What a unique opportunity to revisit and draft Monarch for a chance to win Dusk till Dawn packs! This was our first time hosting a Flesh and Blood draft, and we couldn't help but spice up the event with 1st Edition packs! We were also able to share Dragon Shield trophies with our top 3 players, too! These trophies were gifted to us from Southern Hobby Distribution for preordering Flesh and Blood card sleeves, and we've been waiting for the perfect opportunity to give them out! We had local players attend, as well as players from 1-2 hours away join us! We love our Flesh and Blood crowd!"

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Gamers Resort

Gamer's Resort - Australia

"On Saturday July 8th Gamer's Resort hosted their hugely successful War of the Monarch Pre-Release Event! Everybody had a fantastic time gaming with friends. Congratulations to Matthew Angove, the winner of Pod 1, and Lance Sielaff, the winner of Pod 2. Gamer's Resort host Blitz every Tuesday, come play in Shepparton!"

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Raid n Trade Logo

Raid'n'Trade - Germany

"During the weekend 19 brave heroes followed our War of the Monarch Pre-Release events. Not only was the temperature was hot in Karlsruhe, the decks were too! In the end Shadow and Light were in balance. On Saturday Chane won the tournament with a lot of arcane damage and a huge amount of soul shackles. On Sunday Prism won the tournament. No one has enough poppers against 5 red Spears of Surreality and SO many Heralds. Even Levia was not able to crush this setup. Thanks to all who participated. Hope we will see you at Skirmish and you'll get another chance to draft Monarch!"

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trading goblin

Trading Goblin Gamesworld - Germany

"The matches were very exciting, even if there were also a few mirror matches due to 4 Prisms. The final was Chane vs Chane. The match was incredibly exciting, until the last minute it was not clear who of the two can set the decisive blow in the end. In the end, Jha, Abhinav managed to banish just the right cards with a soul shackle and inflict the final damage on the runner-up. For the players, the opening of the boosters was another highlight: the highly desired Fabled was actually pulled! On Sunday, our players (despite the unbearable heat) rocked the draft highly motivated and in a good mood. Especially the players who had already participated the day before. This time there was again a mirror match for the final - but it was between two Levias. The first place was taken by Julius Otte. Also on day two there were incredibly good pulls from the prize boosters: Spoiled Skull and Soulbond Resolve."

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Neutral Ground

Neutral Ground - Brazil

"Players had a blast, we love the format, and host a monthly draft for one of our Armory Events. It’s something we started with Outsiders and continued to do. We hope to keep running these events at our shop and hope we can bring more players to the game."

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dungeon games logo

Dungeon Games - Brazil

"The War of the Monarch Pre-Release at Dungeon Games was a success! We had a themed decoration that was appreciated by all the players, as if they were all monarchs and then... war! 20 players spread across 3 pods competing for the podium and great prizes. In addition to the promos, a Dusk till Dawn box was distributed among the top 4 of each pod. The event brought a lot of top ranked Brazilian leaderboard players, that turned into a strong competitive event. Besides that, they surely had a lot of fun, in a light and relaxed atmosphere, in addition to enjoying our delicious snacks! The first pod was won by Grandino, Renan using Chane. In his boosters, he claimed a Dyadic Carapace! Rodrigues, Henrique opened a marvel cold foil Avalon, Archangel of Rebirth in his boosters! The winner of the second pod was Leiva Espanhol, Francisco, also with Chane. The winner of the third and last pod was Moreno, Eliseu, a well-known Boltyn player in the community, who used his Light Warrior once again to win. Deus, Rodrigo opened a Dyadic Carapace, and Campos, Evandro opened a Phantasmal Footsteps. The leftover promo was given out randomly and the winner was Renê Descartes, who has recently started playing and now has his Prism, Advent of Thrones cold foil to build his next deck! We also raffled off a cold foil Quicksilver Dagger among the players who participated in at least 2 pods. Thanks to everyone who made this wonderful day possible, from the players to the entire Dungeon Games team!"

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The Comic Book Store

The Comic Book Store - United States

"We had 16 players come out to our event. Everyone had a great time. Kyle Gant and Dave Unni were the winners. We don't draft often at our store, so it was a treat to our players!"

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Gattchaa - Indonesia

"It was fun to revisit the older set and now we get to see the continued story!"

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