Recap: Skirmish Season 6, Week 3

27th Apr 2023 Kasharn Rao

Skirmish Season 6 wraps up with a bone-chilling finale!

What a mad couple of weeks it has been - with Outsiders bringing players back to the good old fashioned fisticuffs style gameplay, while also giving ground to newcomers to enter the fray and test their might in the Pits!

Last week guest writer Ritetime Gaming took us on a journey through the valley of the dice gods, while the Skirmish Gauntlet Gameplay series showcased just how nuts the new Outsiders heroes can be. Plus we've had no shortage of news around Casual Play - with stores now able to better support formats like Ultimate Pit Fight, Commoner, and more!

All eyes have been on Iyslander as she tore through the Blitz meta like it was paper, with Oldhim chilling out close behind. And now they've only gone and done it - Both have achieved enough points to reach Living Legend status, and will officially retire from Blitz on May 4th.

This does mean Iyslander and Oldhim will still be legal for the Battle Hardened in Baltimore this Sunday, and from what we've seen in Skirmish Season 6 it could be struggle street for a lot of other heroes. But the promise of spring draws near, and we can expect some new life to emerge and take flight in the coming months.

There's a lot of potential opening up for Dash, Chane, Kassai, and Bravo to completely dominate the metagame, and we will soon see if their patience and dedication is rewarded. Kano also has a chance to reclaim his throne as the boogeyman of Blitz, and of course, watch out for misfits lurking in the shadows - you never know when Riptide or Data Doll will take a stab at the top.

With Skirmish Season 6 now wrapped up, heads are turning to Baltimore as the third Pro Tour swings into action -but while you're still here, check out some of the highlights from last week below!

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R.N.G Tabletop Gaming - Australia

"After 4 rounds of players slinging spells and swinging swords(and other kinds of attacks), we ended up with our Top 4 players. The first round of Top 4 saw the sword-wielding Dorinthea up against the magic master Kano, and Rhinar the unstoppable force vs Oldhim the immovable object. Kano's fiery assault was too much for Dorinthea, and Oldhim was able to end Rhinar's rampage. During the final match Oldhim came out the gate with his icy attacks, putting the pressure on. Kano took a hard hit and attempted to fire back but Oldhim was able to shrug the damage off with his full collection of Nullrune. Oldhim brought the pain, bringing Kano down to a chillingly low life total of 3, but the Guardian didn't get out completely unburnt and was brought down to 8 life. Both players knew this next turn was likely the last and so Oldhim swung as hard as he could, in what would likely be his final moment. Kano mustered all the magic he could, attempting to find the answer that would save him, but unfortunately the answer never came and Oldhim snuffed out his flame to secure the win."

1st: David Aird - Oldhim

Runner Up: Alex Sheedy - Kano

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Invasion Toys Logo

Invasion Toys - United States

"We had a fun day with a mix of regular armory attendees and locals. The variety of heroes was cool to see, with only duplicates of Bravo, Lexi, and Rhinar. In the end Daniel Davila on Bravo took the victory against Austin Chinn on Chane."

1st: Daniel Davila - Bravo

Runner Up: Austin Chinn - Chane

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The Portal Comics and Gaming - United States

"The first Skirmish for The Portal Comics and Gaming was met with a cold front as Iyslander was the highest represented hero with 5 out of a 21. Not only that, but all 5 managed to convert to a top 8 that also included Chane, Prism and Kano. The finals however were a song of fire and ice as Jeremy Seibert on Iyslander faced Ryan Newberry on Kano. The victory belonged to Ryan who responded to a Channel Lake Frigid with a flurry of Kano activations into a top deck stacked masterfully by a perfectly sequenced Potion of Deja Vu to seal the game.

The top tables weren't the only fireworks at this event. The local FAB Community continued to prove why it's one of the best in the world by sweetening up the raffle prize pool with some additional playmats and a Cold Foil Crucible of Aetherweave. Between the additional prizes and FAB themed pizza order (including Thin Crippling Crust Pizza, Cheesy Bread in the Ledger, and Lesson in Lava Cakes) a good time was had by all."

1st: Ryan Newberry - Kano

Runner Up: Jeremy Seibert - Iyslander

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City Class Games - Brazil

"This last Saturday, sixteen brave warriors (including a lonely Kassai) met to battle their way through some of the most brutal rounds you can get in Flesh and Blood right now. The Blitz format is currently living up to its name, with lightning fast games being decided by the thinnest margins, in a span of turns that most of the time you can count on the fingers of just one hand. Every tiny decision matters; no mistake, however small, slips unpunished.

Good thing our players were more than up to the challenge! The competition was fierce: we had 5 of the top 10 Brazilian Leaderboard players among our ranks! The opponents were no slouches, either, and nobody was in the business of letting anyone take easy points based on past accomplishments. It was a glorious day! Whoever gets impressed with Rodrigo de Deus crushing skulls with Rhinar is only getting half the story: the tournament had more wizards than the Royal Court of Volcor, with Kano and Iyslander comprising roughly a third of the metagame and converting half the Top 8 spots. André Belfort took one of those wizards, Iyslander, to a nail-biter of a final match, but in the end André's well placed Frostbites and clever tricks couldn't contain Rodrigo's raw savagery. Congratulations, Rodrigo de Deus, for winning with brawn AND brains!

Whilst all of that was happening, oblivious to the power struggles over the top tables, quietly unseen in the fog of war, a newcomer triumphantly stood tall: Rafael Fulanetti, in his very first Flesh and Blood tournament, took home one of the event's coveted Black Envelopes in a very poetic lucky stroke that goes to show that absolutely everybody wins in a Flesh and Blood tournament."

1st: Rodrigo de Deus - Rhinar

Runner Up: André Belfort - Iyslander

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Boutique Awesome - Canada

"Thank you to all the AWESOME players who came to Boutique Awesome's sealed Skirmish, where we gave a WHOLE CASE of Outsiders in the prize pool! Jonathan Lemire played a 44 card Arakni, Solitary Confinement deck to take down the whole event and win the playmat and the Azalea envelope! Julien Bergeron finished second with Uzuri and won the second playmat, and Michel Remillard won our Azalea envelope giveaway! Special shoutout to Jackie Rousseau, who was in town from Australia. We hope to see you all at our Road to Nationals!"

1st: Jonathan Lemire - Arakni, Solitary Confinement

Runner Up: Julien Bergeron - Uzuri

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