Recap: Pro Quest Season 4, Week 1

Oct 26, 2023 Kasharn Rao

Pro Quest is now in full swing, delivering those coveted invites to Pro Tour: Los Angeles, with events in Australia having kicked off a week earlier to allow stores to work around Calling: Melbourne.

Already we've seen a huge development - Lexi has crossed the 1000 point finish line! We'll have spicy analysis on the shifting metagame later this week, but for now let's check out some highlights from the first round of Pro Quest!

hobby hub

Hobby Hub - Australia

"A big thank you to LSS for the opportunity to run such an awesome event! It was an incredible day, filled with some nail-biting games and lots of classic heroes making an appearance, with the final match being Katsu and Dorinthea. A big congratulations to Brodie, who emerged victorious with the lone Wanderer in the end!"

1st: Brodie Snoek - Katsu, the Wanderer

2nd: Isaac Ward - Dorinthea Ironsong

2colorlogoBordered - Eternal Games

Eternal Games - United States

"25 players came out to Eternal Games' Pro Quest Season 4 event, making the day a long one with five rounds before top cut. The variety of players was astonishing, having players travel from out of state and even a few from Canada! As we moved into the final round of Top 8, one player, Jake Smith, had been undefeated all day. His opponent, Joe DeCaussin was able to draw not one but two Art of War that landed Joe as our winner! Fai, Rising Rebellion defeated Katsu, the Wanderer."

1st: Joe DeCaussin - Fai, Rising Rebellion

2nd: Jake Smith - Katsu, the Wanderer

Bricks Play - Benjimin Chong

Bricks Play - Singapore

"Pro Quest Season 4 took us to Bright Lights Draft at Bricks Play! We saw 18 hopeful players trying to win the Gold Foil as well as obtain the new heroes (Maxx and Dash) in Cold Foil for the very first time in Singapore! It was a stacked roster as we were graced with Singapore's National Champion (Gordon Koh), National Runner Up (Chu Heng Eng), as well as our Skirmish Season 7 winner (Fee Sen Sei)! The aforementioned players of course made Top 8 alongside the Teo brothers (Ivan and Isaac), Zac Lau, Kelvin Tan, and Bryan Kong! Ultimately, Fee Sen Sei proved himself with his draft prowess, taking down the event and winning the Gold Foil! Congratulations!"

1st: Fee Sen Sei - Maxx Nitro

2nd: Chu Heng Eng - Teklovossen

Blackmoon_Alt3_300 - Black Moon Games

Black Moon Games - United States

"This was our first Pro Quest event at Black Moon Games, and it went remarkably smooth thanks to the great vibe of the Flesh and Blood community, and of course the hard work of our Head Judge Devin Bell. We were honored to be given a Pro Quest, and we hope to continue providing quality Flesh and Blood event experiences for years to come!"

1st: Michael Bell - Lexi, Livewire

2nd: Lucas Molho - Dromai, Ash Artist

Kabooom_Logo_de_340px - KA BOOOM

KABOOOM - Switzerland

"25 players attended the Classic Constructed Pro Quest event at KABOOOM. A diverse field of heroes participated in this event with the Top 8 consiting of two Dromai, one Dash I/O, one Riptide, one Bravo, one Azalea, one Uzuri, and one Lexi. The finals was between Riptide, who won against Lexi and Dromai, and Uzuri, who won against Dash I/O and Azalea. In the very tight final match Uzuri piloted by Yegor won against Manuel's Riptide. Congrats to both players for an excellent performance."

1st: Yegor Borshch - Uzuri, Switchblade

2nd: Manuel Wachouschek - Riptide, Lurker of the Deep

Raid n Trade Logo

Raid'n'Trade - Germany

"Winter is coming again to the Raid'n'Trade Pro Quest. It was a great event with 38 players joining the party. Several intense matches lead to a diverse top cut with six different heroes represented. In the end, both Iyslander players dominated, ending in a final mirror match. Thanks to all participants, hope we'll see you again at another Pro Quest in the future."

1st: Hanno Guellicher - Iyslander, Stormbind

2nd: Sergei Bastrakov - Iyslander, Stormbind

Ragnarok Cafe

Ragnarök Café - Germany

"17 heroes showed up to our Bright Lights Draft Pro Quest and followed the call, but only one could remain. It was a long and exhausting 10 hour battle for our hardened heroes but in the end emerged Jascha with Maxx Nitro. He drafted his way through three draft rounds and was able to defeat Thorsten's Teklovossen. With all those cracked packs there was bound to be something beautiful, and Singularity, Adaptive Plating, and Fyendal's Spring Tunic were unearthed."

1st: Jascha Werth - Maxx Nitro

2nd: Thorsten Drescher - Teklovossen

the portal

The Portal - United States

"The Portal was beyond excited to be chosen for our first Pro Quest event with a Booster Draft under the Bright Lights of Metrix. We had 24 players participate to battle it out for the coveted Gold Foil and Pro Tour invite. In a testament to how great our local FAB community is, local champions Lauren M and James S volunteered their time to ensure the multiple drafts fired off smoothly by helping set up pods and clean up pack wrappers in between organizing the store’s community card donation boxes. Their contributions to our scene cannot be overstated. Six rounds and two drafts took place over the event which included a battle of undefeated brothers as Chris and Justin Rowland, and a Marvel Emperor pulled by Kyle N from a Dynasty prize pack. Top 8 saw a swarm of five Teklovossens with two Maxx Nitros and a lone Dash, Database running an incredible 21 items! The finals came down to Chenjun Liu on Teklovossen versus Justin Rowland also on Teklovossen. Chenjun sealed the deal with an outstanding play using his Evo Cogspitter to sneak in a red Boom Grenade at instant speed on an overpowered Hydraulic Press for lethal damage. Thank you to LSS for selecting our store for an awesome event and for our FAB community for making it special!"

1st: Chenjun Liu - Teklovossen

2nd: Justin Rowland - Teklovossen

Alphaspel_logo - Erika F

Alphaspel - Sweden

"16 Players showed up in Stockholm to play the first Swedish Pro Quest of the season. Sweden's highest ranked Limited player proved he still has what it takes by pulling off two back to back 3-0 drafts for a stunning 6-0 finish!"

1st: Niklas Astner - Teklovossen

2nd: Stefan Karlsson - Teklovossen