Recap: Calling: Tokyo

May 22, 2024 Kasharn Rao

FAB to Japan!

When we first launched Flesh and Blood in Japan, we had BIG dreams about the road ahead. But we never could have anticipated just how much of a smash hit the game would become. From humble Learn to Play events, to a Battle Hardened and National Championship, to releasing our first ever Japanese language product in the motherland of the TCG industry!

We are stoked with how many players walked the path to Tokyo. It was a delight to see the Learn to Play tables crammed full of fresh faces looking to dive into the world of Rathe, our loyal Day 1 Japanese fans giving each game their very best, and of course, our international crowd mingling with everyone, always ready for great games and good times!

So, what do you think about Part the Mistveil? Pretty good set, right?

world premiere

World Premiere

Across English and Japanese events we had a jaw-dropping 700+ players venture forth into the dense blue mist! This is what Flesh and Blood is all about, people coming together for great games regardless of who they are or where they come from. The gameplay of Part the Mistveil has been an instant hit, with so many dynamic angles to building and playing each of the three new heroes. Everyone is hungry for more, especially with National Championships rapidly approaching.

The Calling

More than 550 players harnessed their Inner Chi in the Calling, taking what they learned in the World Premiere to heart. The day began with Sealed Deck, pushing players to make the right call about which cards to play, having been given a massive pool of cards from eight packs. Nuu and Zen commanded an almost equal split of popularity, and Enigma had a strong showing as well, despite being more complex.

Day 2 introduced a new challenge - Booster Draft! No longer spoiled for choice in deckbuilding, players had to adapt to the new format quickly, learning to read signals and construct powerful strategies that would take them to the finish line. With $20,000 USD on the line, every decision mattered.

Japan showed home team strength, claiming a whopping half of the top cut. But it was a familiar name we've grown used to seeing in Top 8 brackets for years - Oh Oh - who finally transcended to the ranks of legend in an epic final match against Pro Tour Champion Michael Feng! Now instead of being known for swinging Decimator Great Axe, Oh Oh will be known for swinging the Calling Champion trophy!

Congratulations to Oh, and to the rest of our Top 8 competitors!

Top 8

1st: Oh Oh - Zen

2nd: Michael Feng - Enigma

3rd-4th: Peter Ward - Enigma

3rd-4th: Yoshiki Mizutani - Zen

5th-8th: Ryosuke Urase - Nuu

5th-8th: Tansei Hiroyuki - Nuu

5th-8th: Brodie Spurlock - Nuu

5th-8th: Shu Murashima - Zen

Battle Hardened

150 players delved into the wide blue yonder on Sunday for more Sealed Deck action! Those who didn't make it to the top of the Calling had the chance to snap up their share of $2,000 USD, among other sweet prizes! Zen grew to be a fan-favourite, preying on late-game hands clogged with Inner Chi, harnessing devious combo lines to lay the smackdown!

More familiar names landed in the top cut, most notably Pro Tour Finalist Florin-Cristian Loghin, another name we frequently see at the top. The high skill level ranges throughout many regions, often rewarding those who commit themselves to learning and improving year upon year.

Congratulations to Florin-Cristian, and to the rest of our Top 8 competitors!

Top 8

1st: Florin-Cristian Loghin - Nuu

2nd: Vincent Lim - Zen

3rd-4th: Torpong Juntree - Zen

3rd-4th: Mark Johnson - Zen

5th-8th: Hayden Dale - Zen

5th-8th: Roger Bodee - Enigma

5th-8th: Ji Timm Lee - Nuu

5th-8th: Nova Chan - Nuu

We are overjoyed with how fans have received Part the Mistveil, and we look forward to watching our international community grow even further as more players get on board with the best TCG on the market.

It was also especially amazing to see how many people engaged in side events, whether they were just learning the ropes, demonstrating their expertise, or even just scooping up copies of that beautiful Alternate Art Oasis Respite! Congratulations to Atsunori Kanamaru, who took home the Gold Foil Commoner event with Iyslander!

Oh and of course we have to talk about the MASSIVE cosplay contest! Every time you think you've seen it all, someone dressed head to toe in bright green sprinting down the event hall will make you turn your head. Our talented cosplay community continues to outdo themselves with inspiring new creations. Keep up the incredible work!

Thank you to everyone who attended, our coverage and casting team, judges, staff, artists, Girafull, and everyone else who helped make this landmark milestone possible!

Now if you thought that was epic, just wait until you see what we have planned for World Championship: Osaka!