Recap: Battle Hardened Portland and Florence

Sep 21, 2023 Kasharn Rao

36 teams threw down at Portland last weekend, and another 26 teams in Florence, for dual Team Blitz events that challenged their deckbuilding, gameplay, and communication.

Battle Hardeneds are super fun, but even more so when your teammates rally beside you as you land the final blow, securing the last win needed for your crew to take home the victory!

Everyone's favourite format Classic Constructed truly shone on Sunday, with more than 50 players cruising for a bruising at both PTI events!

Well-earned prizes have been bestowed upon our mighty champions, and another great weekend has been spent indoors playing with cardboard. Life couldn't be better!

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Battle Hardened - Portland

Runeblades, Wizards, and Guardians appeared to be some of the popular trios, covering as many gameplay angles as possible to ensure the best chance at favourable matchups!

Nothing gives me greater joy than seeing top tier players like Brodie Spurlock, Michael Feng, and Lucas Oswald banding together - not only are they a combined powerhouse, you can tell each of them is just genuinely ravenous to play more and more.

In the end it was the triple threat of Dylan, Marco, and Ryan who overcame their foes in the finals, splitting amongst them the cash and prizes. Congratulations, team!

Top 4

1st: Dylan Mangini - Kano, Marco Marcelli - Dash, Ryan Biggs - Chane

2nd: Christopher Iaali, Alexander Vore, Jonah Overholt

3rd-4th: Brodie Spurlock, Michael Feng, Lucas Oswald

3rd-4th: Nitan Avivi-Stuhl, Tristen Farmer, Archer Taylor


PTI Event - Portland

Lexi stomped everyone during Nationals season, and this time was no different. The plucky Elemental Ranger has fully cemented her icy hold on the meta, refusing to back down. But as we all saw from the last Banned and Suspended Announcement, she's all but guaranteed to ride off into the sunset very soon.

Congratulations to Pankaj Bhojwani for taking down Lexi for the win, and to the rest of our Top 8 competitors!

Top 8

1st: Pankaj Bhojwani - Iyslander, Stormbind

2nd: Lucas Oswald - Lexi, Livewire

3rd-4th: Brodie Spurlock - Briar, Warden of Thorns

3rd-4th: Adam Hamilton-Sutherland - Katsu, the Wanderer

5th-8th: Alexander Vore - Dromai, Ash Artist

5th-8th: Michael Feng - Lexi, Livewire

5th-8th: Majin Bae - Iyslander, Stormbind

5th-8th: Spencer Heaps - Lexi, Livewire


Battle Hardened - Florence

The Brutes were out in force over in Italy, with Levia, Kayo, and Rhinar all taking a swing for gold.

But a deadly combination of raw aggression, impenetrable defense, and arcane trickery overwhelmed the other bands of misfits, climbing to the top of the bloodied hill to claim their rightful prize.

Congratulations to Lorenzo, Andrea, and Mauro for their outstanding team performance!

Top 4

1st: Lorenzo Brambilla Pisoni - Kano, Andrea Pizzetti - Yoji, Royal Protector, Mauro Giuseppe Di Lauro - Chane

2nd: Martin Okruhlica, Francisc Loghin, Valentin Mackl

3rd-4th: Ernesto Silva, Nuno Neves, Filipe Camacho

3rd-4th: Jonny Chapman, Rob Catton, Matthew Duggan

bh florence

PTI Event - Florence

There was another dominant showing from Lexi in the Classic Constructed arena, but like the PTI Event at Portland, none of the three top cut Lexi's managed to secure the bag. This time she was thwarted by the imperial princess of Volcor, and her fearsome army of dragons!

Congratulations to Juan Chacon for roasting the rangers and reaping the rewards!

Top 8

1st: Juan Chacon - Dromai, Ash Artist

2nd: Julian Felix Flury - Lexi, Livewire

3rd-4th: Long Dao - Lexi, Livewire

3rd-4th: Jonny Chapman - Uzuri, Switchblade

5th-8th: Valentin Mackl - Lexi, Livewire

5th-8th: Antonio Briola - Bravo, Showstopper

5th-8th: Giulio Monaco - Dash, Inventor Extraordinaire

5th-8th: Viet Pham - Iyslander, Stormbind