Recap: Battle Hardened Pittsburgh

15th Nov 2023 Kasharn Rao

More than 110 players embraced the sunshine of a new metagame in Pittsburgh last weekend, with Gold Foils, PTIs, exclusive playmats, and $2,000 USD galore!

The first major tournament following Lexi's ascension to Living Legend, Battle Hardened: Pittsburgh gave us an early snapshot of what the metagame might look like for World Championship: Barcelona!

The double barrel event continued in Sunday's PTI Event with another bout of Classic Constructed!

Battle Hardened Top 8

Battle Hardened

Well... well... well... The Mandible's on the other Claw now, isn't it? We expected a bit of an overhaul after Lexi's departure, but TWO Rhinars in Top 8, one of them piloted by a Pro Tour Champion? Is this the savage comeback we've all been waiting for? Both versions of Dash also performed well, keeping those lights cranked to full brightness. In the end, the super grindy control Dash deck piloted by Rose Smyth put up a valiant effort against the tantalizingly-close-to-living-legend Iyslander, but even Arcane Barrier 4 can't save you from a hand full of reds at the wrong time.

Congratulations to Joe Santianna, and to the rest of our Top 8 competiotrs!

FAB Battle Hardened Winner - Joe Santianna

Top 8

1st: Joe Santianna - Iyslander, Stormbind

2nd: Rose Smyth - Dash, Inventor Extraordinaire

3rd-4th: Gui Cohen - Dromai, Ash Artist

3rd-4th: Dexter Phan - Rhinar, Reckless Rampage

5th-8th: Michael Feng - Rhinar, Reckless Rampage

5th-8th: Corey Baker - Bravo, Showstopper

5th-8th: Michael Metallo - Bravo, Showstopper

5th-8th: Connor Bryant - Dash I/O

PTI Event

60 players stepped on the gas on Sunday in the PTI Event, racing for victory a second time in several rounds of Classic Constructed. Bravo put on an even more striking performance than the day before, but ultimately Dromai rose from the ashes to claim the crown.

Congratulations to Zoey Gerstner. and to the rest of our Top 8 competitors!

pti feisty locals

Top 8

1st: Zoey Gerstner - Dromai, Ash Artist

2nd: Michael Metallo - Bravo, Showstopper

3rd-4th: Natalie Hunt - Dromai, Ash Artist

3rd-4th: Hayden Jeanson - Bravo, Showstopper

5th-8th: Douglas Levy - Dorinthea Ironsong

5th-8th: Jesse Hudak - Bravo, Showstopper

5th-8th: Rose Smyth - Dash, Inventor Extraordinaire

5th-8th: Corey Baker - Bravo, Showstopper