Recap: Battle Hardened Philadelphia

16th Nov 2022 Nicola Price

Last weekend, we saw the final entry in our 2022 SCGCON Battle Hardened events, with Battle Hardened: Philadelphia. At the first competitive event post-Dynasty, we saw every hero represented on the field, with Arakni leaping into the metagame as players tested their skills as the brand-new Assassin.

BH Philadelphia Metagame Breakdown

Dash is also enjoying a post-Dynasty boost to her existing popularity in the format, as players utilise some of her newer cards to upgrade their decks and fight their way to the top.

Three players in the Top 8 took the Inventor Extraordinaire to the event. The first is Anthony Junta, who also competed at the Battle Hardened: Philadelphia event in February, where he played Bravo, Star of the Show. The second is Pierre-Olivier Vallerand Beaudry, a Canadian player who won a Road to Nationals event with Dash earlier this year, and competed at the Canadian National Championship with her as well. Rose Smyth has been one of Dash's most loyal supporters across ProQuest and Skirmish seasons, also getting in some games with Iyslander during Road to Nationals events this year.

Calling: Krakow Champion Yuanji Li and Battle Hardened: Dallas Champion Brodie Spurlock both brought Iyslander into the Top 8 at this event, the only aether-wielding heroes to make it past the cut. Dromai was represented by Samuel Castrucci, playing his first competitive event since the Calling 10k New Jersey in November 2019, and Jeremy Langevin, marking his first Top 8 finish after competing at US Nationals and the Calling and Battle Hardened events in New Jersey earlier this year.

Finally, in a feat worthy of Bravo's grand performances, Connor Rooney seized his spot in the Top 8 at his first-ever competitive Flesh and Blood event.

Battle Hardened Philadelphia Nov 22 Top 8

Boosting their way into the finals, Rose and Pierre found themselves in a Dash mirror match, fighting for the title. Congratulations to Battle Hardened: Philadelphia Champion Rose Smyth, launching Dash back into the spotlight with her impressive win!

Battle Hardened: Philadelphia Champion Rose Smyth

Top 8:

1st: Rose Smyth - Dash, Inventor Extraordinaire
2nd: Pierre-Olivier Vallerand Beaudry - Dash, Inventor Extraordinaire
3rd-4th: Samuel Castrucci - Dromai, Ash Artist
3rd-4th: Brodie Spurlock - Iyslander, Stormbind
5th-8th: Yuanji Li - Iyslander, Stormbind
5th-8th: Connor Rooney - Bravo, Showstopper
5th-8th: Anthony Junta - Dash, Inventor Extraordinaire
5th-8th: Jeremy Langevin - Dromai, Ash Artist

After his semifinals finish, Brodie Spurlock went on to seize victory at the PTI side event on Sunday, securing a Professional Tournament Invitation just in time for the new year of competitive play.

PTI Winner Brodie Spurlock

Top 8:

1st: Brodie Spurlock - Iyslander, Stormbind
2nd: Michael Feng - Oldhim, Grandfather of Eternity
3rd-4th: Connor Bryant - Dash, Inventor Extraordinaire
3rd-4th: Pat Eshghy - Katsu, the Wanderer
5th-8th: Connor Rooney - Bravo, Showstopper
5th-8th: Joseph Kaiser - Fai, Rising Rebellion
5th-8th: Sherman Darrenkamp - Fai, Rising Rebellion
5th-8th: Yuanji Li - Fai, Rising Rebellion

PTI event Philadelphia Top 8