Recap: Battle Hardened: Montréal

Jun 06, 2024 Kasharn Rao


Noah Clark won Battle Hardened: Montréal with Enigma.

Top 8

mtl top 8

160+ players came together in the Flesh and Blood to Battle Hardened: Montréal last weekend to compete in Part the Mistveil Sealed Deck. The Top 8 draft resulted in an almost perfect split between all three heroes, with Enigma and Nuu being the most popular picks. The final match came down to Noah Clark on Enigma versus David Lee on Nuu. Congratulations to Noah Clark for winning the title, PTI, Gold Foil, exclusive playmat, and lion's share of $2,000 USD!

Check out the link below to see the Enigma, Ledger of Ancestry decklist that claimed 1st place at the Pro Quest+!