Quick-fire: Equipment and Potions of Everfest

15th Feb 2022

With the arrival of Everfest, a new series of items and equipment has arrived on the battlefields of Flesh and Blood. We're taking a quick-fire look at the equipment, potions, amulets and talismans of the set, to give you the rundown on what you can take home from your visit to Everfest.

Everfest Carnival.jpg

Everyone knows the importance of equipping your hero with the best armor for their playstyle, so that they can be better prepared for the battle ahead. You can find a wide array of armor, from crowns and masks to shields and lanterns. Gauntlet up, and ready yourself for whatever lies ahead- whether it be a battle, or the party of a lifetime.

Roll the Dice

Skull Crushers

These gauntlets can be used for your favourite Brute, powering up their reckless swings. Blow your opponents out of the water whenever you roll multiple dice in a turn.

Stay Frosty

Stalagmite, Bastion of Isenloft

Originally teased with the lore of Tales of Aria, only an Ice Guardian can bear this ancient shield of Isenloft. Opponents have to think twice when planning out how to pay for their cards while this is around.

Ninja Toolbox

Mask of the Pouncing Lynx

Calling on the imagery and power of Mask of Momentum from Welcome to Rathe, Mask of the Pouncing Lynx is an excellent tool for any ninja amid battle, allowing you to find the right attack at the right time in your most crucial turn of the game.

Off the Top!

Helm of Sharp Eye

Every warrior knows that preparation is the key to success. Keep the pressure on your opponent with an unpredictable attack reaction that makes defending dubious.

Silver Linings

Silver Palms

Fool your foes into thinking they're getting the better end of the bargain and amass tokens that can draw you the right card later in the game.

Runes Right Now

Vexing Quillhand

No conditions. No waiting. Fuel your Runechant-matters cards from nothing.

Protect your Presence

Crown of Reflection

Cheat in new and different auras after you have attacked with them and keep your opponent guessing what else is waiting beneath the water.

Arcane Damage? No.

Arcane Lantern

Raise the limits of your total Arcane Barrier to quash pesky wizards and friends.

Potions were introduced with the very first set in Flesh and Blood, with Crazy Brew setting the tone for what could be created by the braumeisters of Aria. Join the celebrations of Everfest, and pick your potion.

See the Future

Clarity Potion

Leave nothing to chance with cards that care about the top of your deck.

Stay Healthy

Healing Potion

Allow your life to dip to turn on the abilities of other cards at key times, and gain the life right back.

Take a Peek

Potion of Seeing

Turns bluffs into facts or fiction, so you can make the right play without risk.

Instant Pitch Stack

Potion of Deja Vu

Skip the wait and make sure your pitch stack is ready to use ASAP.

Toughen Up

Potion of Ironhide

Draw on the Ironhide set from Monarch; rebuff all attacks, and laugh at incoming breakpoints

Always Next Time

Potion of Luck

Harness the power of luck, and turn a bad hand into something better!