Pro Tour: Baltimore Recap

5th May 2023 Kasharn Rao

To say Flesh and Blood's third Pro Tour was a roaring success would be an understatement. Thousands of players came together to enjoy swinging daggers and drawing bowstrings. But only one came out on top to claim the lion's share of the whopping $200,000 prize pool. Let's delve into the pits and see how things played out!

Pro Tour Baltimore snapshot

Pro Tour

391 players tried their hand at the Pro Tour over the course of 8 brutal rounds of Classic Constructed and 6 grueling rounds of Outsiders draft, before a final Top 8 was decided on. Lexi dominated the meta, with Oldhim and Dromai following close behind. Drafting was master class, with next-level tactics brought to the table. Michael Feng claimed victory against Mara Faris in a fast and furious finals, winning $50,000 USD, Pro Tour Champion Prize Card, Gold Foil Crown of Seeds, PTI, and joining the ranks of legends.

1st: Michael Feng - Oldhim, Grandfather of Eternity

2nd: Mara Faris - Dromai, Ash Artist

3rd-4th: Juha Saarnilampi - Dromai, Ash Artist

3rd-4th: Andrew Rothermel - Lexi, Livewire

5th-8th: Jake Warburton - Azalea, Ace in the Hole

5th-8th: Matthew Foulkes - Lexi, Livewire

5th-8th: Maximilian Klein - Lexi, Livewire

5th-8th: Brodie Spurlock - Lexi, Livewire

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The Calling

More than 900 players registered for the Calling, which resulted in a sea of people, a true sight to behold. Lexi, Oldhim, and Dromai were again at the front of the pack, but there was also a wider representation of other heroes, with one Viserai making it all the way to Top 8! Merrick Kemp took out the event with Dash, boosting past the competition.

1st: Merrick Kemp - Dash, Inventor Extraordinaire

2nd: Taylor Crawford - Lexi, Livewire

3rd-4th: Zach Bunn - Viserai, Rune Blood

3rd-4th: Dave Lin - Oldhim, Grandfather of Eternity

5th-8th: Randall Sims - Oldhim, Grandfather of Eternity

5th-8th: Jacob Kissel - Azalea, Ace in the Hole

5th-8th: Matthew W - Lexi, Livewire

5th-8th: Matt Rogers - Oldhim, Grandfather of Eternity

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Battle Hardened

More than 340 players sleeved up for the Battle Hardened, giving Iyslander and Oldhim one last run around the block before they retired from the Blitz format. Ice was in full force, but there was no shortage of oddball fringe heroes flying around, like any good Blitz event should have. After a Top 8 stacked with Elemental Wizards, Dyllon Dietz took out the win!

1st: Dyllon Dietz - Iyslander

2nd: Noah Clark - Prism

3rd-4th: Rose Smyth - Iyslander

3rd-4th: Collins Mullen - Iyslander

5th-8th: Vladimir Del Valle - Iyslander

5th-8th: Erika Forslöf - Iyslander

5th-8th: Francesco Giorgio - Oldhim

5th-8th: Rob Catton - Kano

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Cosplay, Side Events, and More!

Pro Tour: Baltimore had an absolute feast of events, activities, and special guests. There was no shortage of things to do, people to meet, and fun to be had.

Exciting spoilers were dropped and burning questions were answered, James got Down and Dirty with some Feisty Locals in an Ultimate Pit Fight, Rachel Stoddard won the Cosplay Contest with her Nitro Mechanoid outfit, treasures galore were signed by renowned artists Steve Argyle, Federico Musetti, Mark Poole, and Isuardi Therianto, casual players got their fill with Commoner, Shapeshifter Sealed, and Fresh to FAB events, and stellar commentary was provided across the weekend on live stream by an all-star cast of Tannon Grace, Bryan Gottleib, Matt di Marco, Brendan Patrick and DM Armada!

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Thank you to all the players who turned up, as well as our judges, LSS staff, special guests, stream casters, and everyone else who helped make this incredible weekend come together. We look forward to seeing you again as the $1,000,000 Pro Play 2023 circuit continues!

A special thank you to Star City Games and their hardworking staff for hosting the event and putting on a great show!

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