November 2023 Armory Kit

17th Oct 2023 Organized Play Team

Something spooky is haunting the doorstep of your local game store...

Trick or Treat Yourself with the new tournament legal Jack-o'-lantern promo! This scary surprise is included in the November 2023 Armory Kit as a special Halloween Gift with Purchase.

Starting from Saturday October 28th, each customer who purchases a Flesh and Blood Booster Display from eligible stores will receive a set of three Jack-o'-lanterns (one of each color), while stocks last.

Each November 2023 Armory Kit will contain a bundle with the following:

  • 12x Jack-o'-lantern (red)
  • 12x Jack-o'-lantern (yellow)
  • 12x Jack-o'-lantern (blue)

This Gift with Purchase is limited to one set per customer per day, and must be used for in-store purchases only, not online orders.

jacko kit

"Are you sure this is safe?"

"Probably not. But it's sure as hell gonna be a blast!"


November Armory Events let you merge mind with machine to unlock unlimited possibilities!

This month Cold Foil Symbiosis Shot arrives at your LGS along with Extended Art Rainbow Foil Soup Up. This months People's Champion Play Mat features Evo Data Mine, and is accompanied with the Bright Lights playmat for use at your LGS discretion.

Armory kits are distributed to over 2,000 participating game stores free of charge around the world. They contain promotional items such as posters, as well as exclusive prize material such as cards and playmats, to reward competitors who attend and play in these casual local events.


November 2023 Armory Kit:

  • 4x Symbiosis Shot (Cold Foil)
  • 33x Soup Up (Extended Art Rainbow Foil),
  • 1x Evo Data Mine People’s Champion Playmat
  • 1x Bright Lights general use playmat
  • Armory Event and marketing posters

From November 1st, players can earn a Symbiosis Shot Cold Foil for winning their weekly Armory Event. Players in each Armory Event will also be rewarded for their FAB devotion with a Soup Up Rainbow Foil Extended Art for participating and supporting their local community (while stocks last).

Deserving players from each community will have the chance to be awarded a People's Champion playmat Evo Data Mine.

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Armory Events are the perfect way to help grow your local community of Flesh and Blood players by offering them a weekly event to play some games and earn great prizes! By signing up to host Armory Events you will be eligible to receive Armory Kits every month for free!
Sign up to GEM (Game Event Manager) today in order to start your journey in running Armory Events and growing your Flesh and Blood community!

Existing stores should contact their distributor representative about being supplied Armory Kits.

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If in-store play is not currently feasible please contact us ( for some tips and advice on how to utilize the contents of each Armory Kit.