National Spotlight: France

Jun 11, 2024 Kasharn Rao

We're taking a look at three different countries leading up to the 2024 National Championships, talking to players, local game stores, and content creators. Join us as we travel the globe to meet Flesh and Blood fans and hear their stories. This week we land in France!

Beautiful vineyards, exquisite cuisine, and iconic art and fashion - France is well known for its picturesque landmarks and charming vibe.

With a population of more than 67 million, France is home to a diverse environmental landscape from sandy beaches, to thriving cities, to the tallest peak in Europe - Monte Blanc - at a whopping 4,810 metres! It's also the birthplace of the hot air balloon!

Flesh and Blood officially launched in France in late 2020 alongside the rest of Europe. Since then, a strong and dedicated fanbase has grown steadily, with fierce French competitors claiming championship titles all over Europe and beyond. France hosted the second ever Pro Tour in Lille in 2022, and claimed first place at Pro Tour: Los Angeles earlier this year after a spectacular performance from Arthur Trehet.

Players will visit France once more later this year at Calling: Lyon, but for now, let's hear from some local legends about the upcoming National Championship!


Player: Tom Simon

tom simon

How did you discover Flesh and Blood?
My friend Arthur Trehet introduced me to the world of TCGs and Flesh and Blood. We both started together by going to a Welcome event at Uchronies Games in early 2023 and were instantly hooked by the gameplay. For the anecdote, before going, I told Arthur that I would just accompany him this time but that I didn't want to start investing in a TCG. In the end, I ended up walking out of the store with my Fai Preconstructed Blitz Deck that I soon upgraded to a fully tuned Classic Constructed deck.

Who is your favourite hero?
Fai, Rising Rebellion. It is the hero that I started with and that I have played the most by far. I really enjoy the flexibility that the Phoenix Flame provides, alongside working towards big combo turns with cards that synergise with one another.

How are you feeling about the upcoming France National Championship?
To be completely honest, a bit overwhelmed because of Part the Mistveil, which is sure to cause a great meta shift alongside a draft format that looks very deep, but at the same time I am very excited to play this new format with these new heroes and try to figure out how to best perform for the upcoming tournament. Last year, I managed to reach Top 8 and qualify for World Championship: Barcelona, and I very much hope to do the same this year, even though I know the competition will be fiercer than ever.

Who will win the France National Championship?
It is a very difficult call to make because all of the best players from the country will be attending, but if I had to place my bet on one person it would definitely be my friend, Pro Tour: Los Angeles Champion, Arthur Trehet.

What is your favourite thing about playing Flesh and Blood in France?
My favourite aspect of playing the game by far is the community. I have met so many nice and interesting people by playing Flesh and Blood, some of whom also became very dear friends to me. Ever since I started I have always been amazed by how nice and caring the community is, and going to events, be it local or international, is always something I look forward to.

Local Game Store: Le Gobelin

le gobelin

How did you discover Flesh and Blood?
We discovered Flesh and Blood through a local player three years ago. He was probably the first player in the region to play Flesh and Blood in early 2021. He was very determined to build a community around the game (Monarch 1st Edition had just arrived) and offered Learn to Play events to other locals for a few months. At first, nobody came to the events, but he kept trying, month after month, until he finally started building a small but dedicated community. His perseverance paid off in early 2022 with the first 3-4 players who formed the core of the first Armory players. The community has grown steadily since then, and now boasts a large group of faithful Armory players who even travel all over France (and abroad) to all competitive events. Needless to say… that guy now works for the store!

What is the local Flesh and Blood community like?
We have a relatively competitive community, very keen to draft, but our Armories are mainly Classic Constructed. We try to have regular Ultimate Pit Fight nights as well, and some Commoner for newer players. A new community formed recently in nearby Cahors and our two groups travel to each others Armories to make sure our more experienced players can share their knowledge with them. It’s a very tight-knit group, they help each other a lot!

How are you feeling about the upcoming France National Championship?
Some of our local players have qualified for the National Championship, so we're very proud of their achievements and look forward to following their progress! It's great to see how Flesh and Blood has grown in France in recent years, both in terms of the number of players and the number of qualifying events on offer. Every single year, we get a bigger National Championship and more Road to Nationals events, it’s all very exciting.

What format do players in France enjoy most?
I'd say that Classic Constructed is way ahead of the others in the minds of ultra-competitive players, who consider this format to be the benchmark for competitive play. Draft is also very popular. Not ALL players enjoy drafting, but ALL players enjoy Classic Constructed!

What has been your favourite Flesh and Blood event in France so far?
We hate to toot our own horn… but we’re very proud of the Road to Nationals event we hosted at the Château de Castel Novel this year. It was a first for us in terms of the number of players, but this unique location made it very moving for all of us. We’re very happy that we had a chance to highlight our community in southern France, local media came and talked about our store and this great game, it was a very special moment!

Content Creator: Jo Yana

jo yana

How did you discover Flesh and Blood?
My YouTuber friend CardsHunter introduced me to Flesh and Blood. He showed me the cold foil cards. As a collector I was amazed by this foiling and wanted to collect them. Through this I discovered the game and fell in love immediately.

Which booster set is your favourite?
I’m passionate about Asian art so Part the Mistveil is a big crush for me. I also have a nostalgic love for Welcome to Rathe.

How are you feeling about the upcoming France National Championship?
The event looks great, and it’s growing every year!

What has been the most exciting moment of 2024 so far?
Going to World Premiere: Part the Mistveil in Tokyo and interviewing James White was an amazing moment for me. You can discover it HERE.

What's your message to players competing in the France National Championship?
Maintain our reputation as the best TCG community in the world. Have fun, and may the best player win.