Living Legend: Dromai, Ash Artist

16th Apr 2024

With Battle Hardened: Atlanta, Battle Hardened: Bydgoszcz, and Week 1 of Pro Quest: Amsterdam finished, the weekly Living Legend check has resulted in one hero making their departure from official tournament play. The Living Legend table and Card Legality Policy page have been updated.

Classic Constructed: Dromai, Ash Artist

First introduced in Uprising, the imperial Draconic Illusionist Dromai has crossed the 1000-point threshold into Living Legend for Classic Constructed. Her unique ability to transform simple ash into fearsome dragons provided an exhilarating gameplay experience, as well as a unique challenge for many other heroes. Known for her numerous Top 8 finishes at Premier events, most notably the recent Pro Tour: Los Angeles Championship title, Dromai gradually grew from a rogue outlier into an important and formidable figurehead of the metagame. For years she has kept powerful decks in check either by swarming the field with an armada of dragons, or overwhelming the opponent with pure redline aggression. Her departure opens up the path to several fringe heroes, but the dragons will only rest for so long before the skies run red once more.

Dromai, Ash Artist and her signature weapon Storm of Sandikai will no longer be legal for official Classic Constructed tournament play as of Friday, April 19th.

A Roll of Honor article will be published in the following weeks with a list of players who contributed to the ascension of this legendary hero.