Living Legend Adjustment

15th May 2024 Legend Story Studios

With the conclusion of the Heavy Hitters season, we will be adjusting distribution of Living Legend points as follows:

Event Type Old Points per Event New Points per Event
World Championship 300 100
Pro Tour 200 100
Calling 100 50
US National Championship 100 50
National Championship (non-US) 40/20 25
Battle Hardened 40 25
Pro Quest+ 20 5
Pro Quest 3 5
Road to Nationals 4 5
Skirmish 4 5

We remain committed to our efforts to carefully manage Living Legend point distribution to best align with event density, hero release cadence, and format health. Changes today are chiefly driven by two factors.

With a brand-new focus on bringing the best in competitive Flesh and Blood events to gaming conventions throughout the world, we will be offering a dramatically increased number of Pro Quest+ events throughout the remainder of the year. The action kicks off this weekend, May 18th to 19th at Modena Play (REGISTER HERE), where two Pro Quest+ events will be on offer. Many more such opportunities to earn PTIs and battle against the best in the world will be occurring in the coming months (check the event locator to find an event near you). As such, we will be adjusting the point distribution of Pro Quest+ to match that of a standard Pro Quest.

All other point adjustments are reflective of a shift in philosophy regarding how points should be allocated. Points are being shifted to our seasonal offerings with large numbers of events and away from Premier events where a single timely Sigil of Solace could be determinative of a hero’s fate on the Living Legend leaderboard. This adjustment should see heroes with prolonged and sustained metagame dominance achieve Living Legend status more reliably, and add a bit more predictability to the system.

The net effect of these changes is a slight decrease from the total number of Living Legend points that we originally intended to add to the system this year. As always, these numbers remain subject to revision and should unexpected outcomes arise, we will adjust points as necessary.