Let's Go Los Angeles!

1st Mar 2024 Kasharn Rao

The fourth Pro Tour is only weeks away, promising an epic showdown between highly seasoned gladiators as they fight tooth and nail for the title of arena champion! The audience awaits the climax of the Heavy Hitters season with baited breath, ready to watch contestants rip each other to shreds. Only one will have the Agility, Might, and Vigor needed to emerge victorious.

Centered in a thriving hub of entertainment, Pro Tour: Los Angeles offers the show of a lifetime! With a staggering range of special guests, side events, and games galore, there is something for everyone to enjoy. Even if you’re completely new to Flesh and Blood, there’s still time to snap up tickets and experience a thrilling weekend you’ll never forget!

We’ve also juiced up a few local game stores in California with the new Cold Foil Extended Art Energy Potion promo! You can bag one of these beauties by attending a Road to Los Angeles event taking place from March 8th to 17th. More details below!

Round up the crew, pack your bags, and join us in Los Angeles as we embark on a new milestone in the Flesh and Blood journey. Trust us when we say you don’t want to miss out!

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There’s still time to grab your ticket package and register to score sweet goodies such as Extended Art promos and Balance of Justice sleeves and playmat!

Player Reception

This is a special time for the international Flesh and Blood community to come together and celebrate great games and good times. James White will be revealing juicy secrets in his Keynote at the Player Reception on March 21st, before answering your most burning questions!

5:00pm - Doors Open
6:00pm - Keynote
6:30pm - Food
7:30pm - LSS QnA
9:00pm - Reception Ends

Pro Tour

From March 22nd to 24th qualified players from all over the world will compete in the prestigious Pro Tour, featuring a dynamic gauntlet of Classic Constructed and Heavy Hitters Booster Draft! Witness the best of the best throw down for their share of $200,000 USD and the coveted title of Pro Tour Champion!


The Calling is a major open entry tournament taking place from March 23rd to 24th, with hundreds of players trying their hand at bagging the lion's share of $30,000 USD! Featuring Classic Constructed, this is the perfect opportunity to experience Flesh and Blood at a highly competitive level without needing to qualify for entry!

Battle Hardened

Living Legends return on March 24th for a Battle Hardened like no other! In this open entry side event, all heroes are legal, even the ones who have achieved Living Legend status. With $2,000 USD on the line, this is your chance to win using heroes at their full power!

Cosplay Contest

Marvel at the wonders crafted by our talented cosplay community, or bring a character to life yourself in the Cosplay Contest and you could win exclusive Fabric promos and playmats, or even a coveted Cold Foil Taylor! The Cosplay Contest will take place on March 23rd at 6:00pm.

Things to do

It’s not just about the bare-knuckled thrills of pro play. There is a vast treasury of side events taking place all weekend long for everyone and anyone to dig their teeth into! Ultimate Pit Fight, Commoner, Shapeshifter Sealed - we’ve got it all! The new Cold Foil Extended Art Energy Potion promo will be up for grabs, so make sure you check the schedule!

People to see

We have a star studded lineup of special guests waiting for you to meet, including legendary esports commentator Mitch Leslie! Rounding out our commentary team are Matt di Marco, Pankaj Bhojwani, Sam O’Byrne, and Legend Story Studios’ own Bryan Gottlieb! Artist Alley is packed with renowned masters of the brush, including Asur Misoa, Isuardi Therianto, Joseph Qiu, and Steve Argyle!

Where to watch

Those of you who can’t make it to Los Angeles, fear not, we will have live coverage running all weekend long. The event will be livestreamed from our YouTube channel, starting each day at 9:00am PST. We will also have the fight-master’s Live Blog bringing you sizzling hot highlights straight from the arena showgrounds.

Lights, Camera, Action!

There’s no better place for Flesh and Blood fans to meet up and throw down than Los Angeles! We encourage players to see the world, play the game, and make memories, so why not make a holiday out of it? Whether you’re immersing yourself in the world of cinema, dining at famous restaurants, or even just relaxing on the beach, Los Angeles has endless entertainment to explore!

Road to Los Angeles

Selected local game stores across California will be running special Road to Los Angeles events from March 8th to 17th. Featuring Blitz format, with free Preconstructed decks on hand for new players, these events are perfect for fresh faces looking for a slice of the action. The new Cold Foil Extended Art Energy Potion promo is also up for grabs, awarded at random to a participating player!

Store Date
The Light March 8th
Game Kastle Santa Clara March 9th
Magitek Games March 9th
On-Board Gaming March 9th
A.G. Collectibles March 10th
BAM Cards March 10th
Ender's Games March 10th
Collector Legion March 11th
Brute Force Games March 12th
Top Deck Keep March 13th
A Hidden Fortress March 15th
Command Zone Games & Hobbies March 15th
Evolution Gaming & Collectibles March 15th
Gamer Hobo March 16th
Go Back Gaming March 16th
Tabletop Tavern March 16th
The Guild House March 16th
Odyssey Games Pasadena March 17th
Shuffle and Cut Games March 17th
The Game Cellar March 17th
Green Potion Games March 20th