Last Weekend's Nationals Snap Shot

Nov 16, 2021 Chris Bewley

Another incredible Flesh and Blood Nationals weekend is in the books! A colossal congratulations to our 8 brand new inaugural National Champions!

Today, we take a Lightning-quick look at the Top 8 players and their heroes played across all eight Nationals events and will continue updating this page throughout the week. Don't forget, you can catch up on the coverage from weekend's events below on each event organiser's social media or video streams! Check out the links below.

Once again Briar, Warden of Thorns showed up in force, but she wasn't without a few thorns in her side as she zeroed in on five first place finishes in Poland, The Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark and Sweden. In Greece we saw, Yorgos Samaras and his Oldhim, Grandfather of Eternity freeze Giannis Kouris' Briar in its tracks to claim the trophy. Canada's Yuki Lee Bender and her Ice Lexi put the Frostbites on Shawn Dhaliwal's Briar until they bit the dust and Finland's first ever National Champion Mikael Teittinen, controlled the competition with his Katsu deck to take home the trophy!

Briar has blossomed into quite the metagame pillar, but she is not without her weaknesses. With control decks and the essence of Ice on the rise, all eyes are on the dynamic, innovative Tales of Aria Classic Constructed metagame and its eight freshly crowned National Champions!

Congratulations heroes. Your names will be etched in history until the end of time.


Poland Nationals Venue

Hosted by: Centrum Pegaz


Łukasz Cichecki (Briar) defeated Mariusz Suchanecki (Ser Boltyn) in the finals of the 88 person, Tales of Aria draft and Classic Constructed event!

  • 1st Łukasz Cichecki - Briar
  • 2nd Mariusz Suchanecki - Ser Boltyn
  • 3rd-4th Daniyar Saduakassov - Bravo
  • 3rd-4th Marcin Filipowicz - Briar
  • 5th-8th Bartosz Ziemba - Briar
  • 5th-8th Jan Pruchniewicz - Bravo
  • 5th-8th Dawid Dominiak - Briar
  • 5th-8th Sebastian Bednarski - Briar


Canada nats venue.jpg

Hosted by: Dolly's Toys and Games

Yuki Lee Bender (Lexi) defeated Shawn Dhaliwal (Briar) in the finals of the 81 person, Tales of Aria draft and Classic Constructed event!

  • 1st Yuki Lee Bender - Lexi
  • 2nd Shawn Dhaliwal - Briar
  • 3rd-4th Daniel Dreisziger - Chane
  • 3rd-4th Isaak Krut - Briar
  • 5th-8th Biing Chyn "Benson" Lai - Briar
  • 5th-8th Oliver Chen - Briar
  • 5th-8th Dante Delfico - Briar
  • 5th-8th Dimos Kaloupis - Oldhim

The Netherlands

netherlands nationals venue.png

Hosted by: Kai of Cards


Philip van Donselaar (Briar) defeated Jimmy Nguyen (Briar) in the finals of the 48 person, Tales of Aria draft and Classic Constructed event!

  • 1st Philip van Donselaar - Briar
  • 2nd Jimmy Nguyen - Briar
  • 3rd-4th Donovan van Beek - Bravo
  • 3rd-4th Didier Deurloo - Katsu
  • 5th-8th Erik Baalhuis - Rhinar
  • 5th-8th Man Hiem Cheung - Lexi
  • 5th-8th Ian Zhang - Lexi
  • 5th-8th Jeroen van der Wal - Prism


Hosted by: Topdeck

Jonas Benzarti (Briar) defeated Andreas Ventzel in the finals of the 40 person Classic Constructed event!

  • 1st Jonas Benzarti - Briar
  • 2nd Andreas Ventzel - Briar
  • 3rd-4th Danni Andersen - Oldhim
  • 3rd-4th Peter Nielsen - Dash
  • 5th-8th Michael Bonde - Briar
  • 5th-8th Mikkel Emil Kaae Madsen - Briar
  • 5th-8th Jonas Christensen - Katsu
  • 5th-8th Kenni Pederson - Bravo


Hosted by: Brood en Spelen

Stream: L'Œil d'Ophidia


Kevin Lerens (Briar) defeated Thibaut De Meyer (Briar) in the finals of the 71 person Classic Constructed event!

  • 1st Kevin Lerens - Briar
  • 2nd Thibaut De Meyer - Briar
  • 3rd-4th Gaetan Koeckx - Ser Boltyn
  • 3rd-4th Jan Sysmans - Chane
  • 5th-8th Thomas Van Minsel - Prism
  • 5th-8th Sébastien Spilliaert - Dash
  • 5th-8th Florian Vanclaire - Briar
  • 5th-8th Glenn Van Roey - Briar


Hosted by: Organizedplay.EU


Yorgos Samaras (Oldhim) defeated Giannis Kouris (Briar) in the finals of the 40 person Classic Constructed event!

  • 1st Yorgos Samaras - Oldhim
  • 2nd Giannis Kouris - Briar
  • 3rd-4th Nikos Tavoulareas - Briar
  • 3rd-4th Dimitris Doganis - Prism
  • 5th-8th Sotiris Konstantelos - Lexi
  • 5th-8th Kanaris Bounas - Chane
  • 5th-8th George Melissakis - Prism
  • 5th-8th Vagelis Makris - Katsu


Hosted by: Alara Games


Christofer Lindholm (Briar) defeated Tobias Lind (Bravo) in the finals of the 37 person Classic Constructed event!

  • 1st Christofer Lindholm - Briar
  • 2nd Tobias Lind - Bravo
  • 3rd-4th André Pankhurst - Chane
  • 3rd-4th Mikael Borg - Viserai
  • 5th-8th Joakim Gustafsson - Katsu
  • 5th-8th Albert Schütt - Briar
  • 5th-8th Niklas Astner - Dash
  • 5th-8th Mattias Esguerra - Dorinthea


Hosted by: Oh My Game

Mikael Teittinen (Katsu) defeated Juha Saarnilampi in the finals of the 30 person Classic Constructed event!

  • 1st Mikael Teittinen - Katsu
  • 2nd Juha Saarnilampi - Briar
  • 3rd-4th Tuomas Kainulainen - Prism
  • 3rd-4th Mikko Airaksinen - Chane
  • 5th-8th Tommi Vornanen - Levia
  • 5th-8th Elias Lehti - Lexi
  • 5th-8th Roope Metsä - Dash
  • 5th-8th Aleksi Sorjonen - Bravo