The Land of Rathe

29th Aug 2019 Nicola Price

Flesh and Blood is set within the world of Rathe. Rathe is a land of heroes and legends, thieves and scoundrels, war and peace, magic and technology. The people of this world have long since forgotten those who came before, sacrificing their past in hopes of creating a better future.

This is an unforgiving world, a tapestry of treacherous landscapes and vicious creatures, where only the strong will learn to stand tall. Massive volcanoes, icy plains, and mysterious hidden worlds create a harsh, unrelenting arena for human conflicts and warfare. Yet in spite of the world’s hidden dangers and ancient mysteries, humanity has flourished, establishing societies across the continent. Some have learned to live in harmony with one another, embracing their fellow man and giving rise to an era of peace. Others live in turmoil, their state of constant warfare reflecting the volatile environment that they call home.

The history of these people is a bloody one - massive wars were fought across the land, as opposing nations struggled for power and influence. Solana, one of the first cities to set down its roots, was quick to welcome other, smaller villages, bringing an increasing number of people into the fold. Their boosted numbers and eager supporters established them as a powerful entity early on in Rathe’s history, cementing their place within the land.

With the disappearance of their fabled protectors, Aria concealed itself from the rest of the world, hiding behind an ancient barrier and natural defenses. The region faded into the realm of myth and legend, as the rest of the world slowly forgot about its existence. As the fantastical realm faded from memory, its people settled amongst the valleys, choosing to pursue a life of peace and celebration.

Isolated from the rest of Rathe, the people of Misteria lie hidden amongst the mountain ranges, transforming the treacherous landscape into a safe haven. Removed from the struggles and petty conflicts of the outside world, they find satisfaction in the beauty and tranquility of their home.

Yet others are not content with pursuing peace and harmony. Vicious creatures fight to the death in vast, unforgiving jungles, while constant warfare plagues the volcanic plains of the south. A sprawling, technological city is the perfect breeding ground for rivalry and corruption, while depraved and twisted individuals lurk in the caverns underneath.

Welcome to Rathe… Pick up your sword and prepare for battle; for no matter where you run, war will find you.