In the Fires of the Forge

19th Aug 2020 LSS Creatives

War is on the horizon. While the people of Rathe prepare for battle, some have their minds on protection. From chestplates to gauntlets, tunics to masks, armour can take many forms, and some provide far more than just basic protection. As the brewing storm draws closer, heroes across the land prepare to take shelter, and defend their homes from the enemy.

Bloodsheath Skeleta

Dark magic always has a price. Deep within the shadows, spilled blood forms the roots for forbidden spellwork, aether sacrificed for raw power. Runes flaring in the darkness, armour forged from skin and bone; a parasite which will eventually take his life. With time, the pain dulls... skin turning to stone, aether flowing beneath the surface like magma beneath a volcano. The final piece, completing a project years in the making - but was it worth it?


Breeze Rider Boots

Mist pools within the mountain ranges, concealing those who move in the dead of night. Survivors from dozens of clans travel together, united by catastrophe, carrying only their grief and the clothes on their backs. Their names will be lost to time, their ventures forgotten, but tonight, they claim the answers they’ve been looking for.


Courage of Bladehold

The knight’s new armour gleams as bright as the noonday sun, crimson cloak billowing behind her as she kneels before the crowds. At the very centre of the amphitheatre, she is resplendent, head bowed, golden hair billowing in the breeze. While her shoulders bow under some unspoken pressure, her gaze flicks to an older warrior standing nearby, and her expression brightens, filled with clear purpose. As she begins to recite her oaths, her firm voice cuts through the hushed quiet of the crowds, laced with unwavering determination.


Crater Fist

Back straight, chin high, the guardian stands tall, raising her gauntleted fist to the sky. The stories will speak of the woman who threw herself into battle, brave and true, fighting alongside her brothers and sisters with honor. Long after their passing, their armour remains, set upon the ancient battlefield, a humble monument to those who came before.


Metacarpus Node

Fueled by greed, the wizard makes a bargain with the beyond. Drawing upon power unknown to most of mankind, he channels the energies that make up his world, and is consumed. The man becomes a vessel for the very power he sought to wield, disappearing in an instant… but the gloves remain, thrumming with arcane power, lying in wait.



In the depths of the jungle, the remnants of campsites lie scattered amongst the trees, scraps of fabric clinging to battered skeletons. Between the broken standards and shredded packs, pieces of metal gleam in the faint light, attracting nearby scavengers. In a small clearing, amidst the grime and the mud, a polished skull lies forgotten, languishing in the dark. Its seared markings bear the scorch of aether, an anomaly accompanied by a tuft of silver fur, eye sockets flashing scarlet in the undergrowth.


Viziertronic Model i

The city of tomorrow never truly sleeps. Massive corporations battle in the constant war of progress, scientists forever chasing their next breakthrough. Cast in shades of violet by the neon lights, agents stalk through the streets, infiltrating every level of the city, gathering intel on behalf of their patrons. On the battlefield of discovery, knowledge is everything, and corporations will pay anything to protect their secrets… or dethrone their enemies.