Dusk till Dawn Spoilers

Jun 29, 2023 Legend Story Studios

As the fleeting daylight trickles away, we turn to Sol for guidance. The forces of darkness draw near, hungering for death and destruction. But together we are unmovable, voices chanting in unison, hearts thundering with courage, and souls blazing with hope. This is our darkest hour, and now is the time to make a stand for our people, for our lands, for our lives. The night is always darkest before the dawn, but I promise you, we shall see the day break once more.

United We Stand


Friday - June 30th

As creeping nightfall consumes the day, we call upon the Embra to lead us. The flickering light grows feeble, exposing the path to victory. We have waited in agony for this moment, voices screeching from painful sacrifice, minds sharpened with the truth, and bodies broken in the pursuit of freedom. This is our chance to shatter the chains of tyranny that enslave our world, our creatures, and our lives. Dusk has fallen, and I promise you, soon all will be revealed…

Funeral Moon Cover

Saturday - July 1st

Sunday - July 2nd

Monday July 3