The Descent of Dragons - A Dromai Limited Primer

15th Jun 2022 Jacob Pearson

Attention all Flesh and Blood players! As we travel among the dunes and ember ridden sky, Dromai beseeches you to join her and her army of Ashwings as she fuels her pyre and brings creation, life, to the ashes of Rathe. As we are welcomed to the land of Volcor, fuelled by great desires and even greater magiks, Dromai stands alone, shrouded in her ashy dunes bringing an exceptionally broad range of ways to to play compared to other limited hero archetypes of the past.

Aether Ashwing
Storm of Sandikai


It’s very easy to stay open during the draft when intending to draft Dromai as your hero of choice. Taking powerful Draconic Rupture or Rupture enablers allows you to make high quality picks with the option to still pivot into different Dromai archetypes- or even Fai. Cards to look out for here are Flamecall Awakening, Breaking Point, Red Hot and Lava Burst.

Flamecall Awakening is a versatile, beautiful card that provides multiple benefits for the Draconic Illusionist. This card enables you to find fuel for your Ash generation (by pitching the Phoenix Flame you search for), arsenal a Red ‘go again’ attack to turn on your army of ashy friends’ ability to go again and again or, find an easy target for Transmogrify- an absolutely lethal weapon in combination with Phoenix Flames.

Drafting cards like Flamecall Awakening and Transmogrify enables you to play 2-3 Phoenix Flames in your deck very comfortably. Meaning we are able to spend more of our draft picks on things like equipment or, hate drafting some of those particularly nasty spells the Ice Wizard Iyslander may have instore for us, making them very premium. Whereas the good Rupture support cards reward us for playing more cards that generate Aether Ashwings such as the broodmother Ouvia and the common all star, Rake the Embers (now this card is definitely a good one, three birds with a single 1-cost stone. Sign me up!).

Flamecall Awakening (1)
Breaking Point (1)
Red Hot (1)
Lava Burst (1)
Transmogrify (1)
Rake the Embers (1)


If we lean more into the Generics we can play quite a strong controlling deck in limited. With Aether Ashwings, we have the constant arcane barrier access to consistently defend against Iyslander's arcane annihilation. Additionally, we have the sources of life gain and damage prevention which serve doubly great roles into Fai and Iyslander. Oasis Respite, Healing Balm and Sigil of Protection are very viable cards that often go late in the draft and can reward you for playing this style of deck. Typical early picks to enable this build would be Red ‘Cenipai’ cards (very efficient threats that defend for three) and the Aether Ashwing generators that most Dromai builds will be fighting over, like Rake the Embers.

Oasis Respite (1)
Healing Balm (1)
Sigil of Protection (1)
Dunebreaker Cenipai (1)
Embermaw Cenipai (1)


Then, if we are lucky enough to discover a horde of dragons while we draft, we want all the Ash generation we can handle. Cards like Sweeping Blow's value significantly increase. These along with using our draft picks ensure we have a high density of Red cards to trigger Dromai’s Ash creation hero ability. Even card filtering like Trade In becomes decent as we hunt for these powerful dragons. Just be aware there may be a few well intentioned but shady Dromai players who may also be hunting the same prey.

Sweeping Blow (1)
Trade In (1)
Invoke Yendurai (1)
Invoke Cromai (1)

Don’t be afraid if you don’t see any dragons in the draft to have your back, they are rare creatures always sought but seldom found. However there are plenty of other ways for Dromai to empower her Ash to grind her enemies into the dusty dunes of Volcor. Aggression, control and even some freaky combos are all possible avenues for Dromais draconian victory. I’ll be looking forward to seeing you all around the draft tables trying out all that Dromai has on offer as we journey together into the depths of Volcor.

It's Dro Time!