Covid-19 and ARC Pre-Release

Mar 13, 2020 Legend Story Studios

The health and safety of people should always be the highest priority. With the worsening situation of Covid-19 virus around the world, there is a need to exercise caution when deciding whether to attend public events.

Arcane Rising pre-release events are scheduled to run across multiple territories of the world on the weekend of March 21-22. Legend Story Studios supports local game store owners who have Arcane Rising pre-release events scheduled, to exercise their own judgment in line with advice from their government and local authorities, to best meet the needs of their community.

We support whatever decision local game store owners make in the best interest of their local communities health and safety, including cancelling, postponing, or adapting the structure of the pre-release, such as play-at-home.

For players who would like to enjoy Arcane Rising in their home environment, we have added an option to our locator to find local game stores who have Flesh and Blood available to purchase online. You can find details here

For players who nonetheless decide to attend a pre-release event, please protect yourself and others by following the general recommendations from reputable sources, such as the NZ Ministry of Health, the WHO, and the US CDC.

Local game stores who would like to be included in the online store locator can do so by adding their website details to their store profile in GEM ( and marking "online store" as True.