Card Database (Beta)

May 09, 2024 Joshua Scott

We are happy to announce the public beta of the official card database project! You can use the online tool here at

Card Database Beta homepage

With almost 3,000 cards and over 25,000 unique prints, the cards database project is a huge step forward for Legend Story Studios and the Flesh and Blood community. Long term, this project has been developed to support other ongoing projects here at LSS including the future of online decklist submission for official tournaments.


The current goals of the cards database project are to:

  • Provide an interface to search through every card and print published by Legend Story Studios
  • Provide the most “true text” for every card.
  • Replace the card gallery as the go-to way to present card images for products


It is important to note that we acknowledge the amazing work the community has done to create their own card databases and deck-builders - they have made amazing contributions to the community over the years and in no way do we want to diminish their efforts with this project. We hope that we can eventually serve data directly to 3rd parties so that they can build on top of this official resource and continue to provide additional services that cater to more specific wants and needs of the community.


What is true text?

The text for all ~3,000 cards has been updated to the most up-to-date wording - as if the card were printed again today.

This update does NOT change the functionality of the card. If the functionality of a card has been changed, it will be announced as part of a Comprehensive Rules update or an Errata Bulletin.

What’s the difference between true text and printed text?

True text is what a card is officially ruled by - it is always in English and uses the most up-to-date wording for a card (as if the card were printed again today).

Printed text is what is physically printed on the card - it is in the language of the card and may have out-of-date wording or print errors.

Why is [CARD] missing?

If the card is new, it may take some time to be uploaded and served through the web interface for the database. We appreciate your patience as we keep up with preview seasons and promo announcements throughout the year.

Why is the printed text for [CARD] missing/incorrect?

With the amalgamation of data points from different parts of production, there may be some errors that are still in the current dataset. We are aware of the following and are looking to fix them before we complete the beta.

  • History Pack 1 - Black Label [DE/ES/FR/IT]
  • History Pack 2 - Black Label [DE/ES/FR/IT]

If you find any additional errors regarding missing or incorrect data, please report them using the report error link on the associated page.

What’s the difference between a Product and a Set?

A product is a collection of cards that are distributed together while a set is simply a collection defined by a set code.

We believe that grouping cards by their product rather than their sets is more useful to the average player, as many of our products contain cards with different set codes. For example, Dusk Till Dawn contains cards from the DTD and ART sets, and OP kits often contain cards from the LGS, FAB, and HER sets.

Where are the rulings, errata, and print notes for [CARD]?

The priority with the beta was to release all of the published cards with their true text. The rulings, errata, and print notes for cards will be added over time as we compile and add the data to the site. It is important that we get these right so that the community is not misled by a mistake on an official resource.

How do I know whether a card is double-sided like heroes/weapons?

Currently, the collector’s center provides information regarding the setup of double-sided cards. This information will be captured by the database in the future.