Canadian Distribution Update

2nd Aug 2023 Legend Story Studios

In our journey to make Flesh and Blood a truly global game we are constantly looking at ways to make things bigger and better for all our players, collectors, stores, and fans. We have some exciting news this week regarding distribution of Flesh and Blood in Canada...


Legend Story Studios is happy to announce that Universal Distribution will commence supplying Flesh and Blood in the Canadian market from this week. We're very excited to be working with Universal as we keep growing the Canadian store and player base and build on the strong position we have in the country.

Universal Logo1024_1

The Canadian market is in a very good place right now, with over 250 stores onboard. To this end, we would like to thank Prince for the fantastic support that they have provided in growing Flesh and Blood to the position that it holds in the market today. We're very pleased to be continuing to work with Prince as we move forward, but also to be able to offer stores an additional choice of distributors, especially for stores that don't currently have an account with Prince.

We realise that some existing GEM registered stores may wish to change their primary distribution arrangements, in which case you will need to update your distributor details in your GEM account. All new release product allocations, Armory Kits, and other Organised Play support material will be sent to the distributor that you have selected in GEM, so if you are intending to change distributors, please do ensure that you keep your GEM account details up to date. If you have any questions about, feel free to contact

Onwards and upwards!