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9th Jun 2023


Sunday - Nick Butchers his way through a star studded Top 8 at The Calling Singapore!

Its hard to discuss Nick Butcher's victory at The Calling Singapore without also mentioning the dominance of his testing team over the entire tournament. Together with fellow National Champions - Hayden Dale and Matt Rogers, who discussed the nuances of Oldhim, Grandfather of Eternity, together, the trio managed to place all three in the Top 8 of the event!

First dominating the mirror match against his testing teammate, Hayden Dale, and then dispatching the solo Iyslander, Stormbind player in the Top 8, Liam Bennett, Nick found himself paired up against World Championships Top 4 Competitor - Liao Pei-Tung in the finals, piloting Lexi, Livewire.

Already having defeated Matt Rogers on a similar deck in the Semi-finals, Pei-Tung knew the tricks up Butcher's sleeve. After an intense 40 minute game, Nick managed to overcome the Ice/Lightning Ranger and her wily pilot, adding even more to the Living Legend of Oldhim, Grandfather of Eternity.

d2-calling champion james.JPG

Congratulations to Nick Butcher, Champion of The Calling Singapore 2023, and also to Liao Pei-Tung, the runner up in one of the most intense matches of Flesh & Blood ever played!

Nick has mentioned that he will be celebrating tonight with drinks with his friends before heading back to Australia, but we're all curious, with Oldhim no longer legal in Classic Constructed within a few weeks, what hero will he be bringing to Nationals season? We'll probably find out real soon!

d2-calling runner up james.JPG

Another $10,000 USD in prize money paid out!

We're signing out here from The Calling Singapore 2023! Good Luck, Good Games to everyone during the upcoming Nationals Season, and may you enjoy more games in the Flesh & Blood.

Sunday - 5 Heroes, One Magnificent Calling Top 8!

Calling Top 8.jpg

The Calling Singapore has produced a Top 8, from out of 288 players, and it certainly looks like a Tale straight out of Aria. Lexi, Livewire, who came into the tournament represented by 50 believers, was whittled down to 17 at the start of Day 2, finally settling with ONE in the Top 8. Meanwhile, the Living Legend - Oldhim, Grandfather of Eternity, managed to send 3 champions into the Top 8, from 30 who registered him. Perhaps the biggest story of the weekend, however, when it comes to conversion rates, is how Iyslander, Stormbind started the tournament with only 5 stalwarts, and managed to put 4 in the top 64, and finally one in the Top 8 (Or 2 in the Top 9!).

Calling Top 8 Breakdown.jpg

But there is strength in numbers, and Oldhim is known to be a hero who truly rewards players who can fully utilize the flexibility he brings to the board. The 3 Oldhim players were arguably among the most decorated players in the history of Flesh & Blood - including Australian National Champions - Hayden Dale and Nick Butcher, as well as New Zealand's National Champion, Matt Rogers.

Despite the valiant efforts of Sam Sutherland (Champion of The Calling New Zealand), and Liao Pei- Tung (Top 4 Worlds Competitor), Oldhim managed to withstand the onslaughts of Iyslander and Lexi, finally smashing his way to victory in the hands of Nick Butcher!

Calling Win Butcher.jpg

We'll have a quick catchup with the Champ himself coming real soon!

Sunday - A Draft, with the Monarch!

One of the reasons to come out to events like The Calling Singapore, is the impromptu chance to draft with James White, the creator of Flesh & Blood, in the flesh and blood!
On the spur of the moment, James asked the crowd if they would like to draft with him. 7 people took their place at his side, including guest creators from One Two Juice!


Packs of Outsiders were cracked and James opted to draft Benji, with many Head Jabs, Be Like Waters and One-Two Punches. Unfortunately, despite the ability to get around blocks to deal damage, our Ninja appreciator found himself assassinated by the hands of Elliot from One Two Juice, who drafted Uzuri!


Sunday - We have the Top 8 of Battle Hardened Singapore!

After 7 grueling rounds of Swiss, the Top 8 of Battle Hardened Singapore have climbed out of the Pits!


Piloting 5 different heroes, they are:

  1. Ming-Han Lee - Kassai
  2. Lucas Ward - Azalea
  3. Gordon Koh - Chane
  4. Toh Jin Han - Kano
  5. Kyrios Mak - Kano
  6. Jake McCormack - Chane
  7. Gary Lee - Rhinar
  8. Halim Hilmi - Rhinar
BH Top 8.jpg

BH Top 8.jpg

It didn't take long for Gordon Koh, Singapore's 2022 National Champion, to rise to the top of the competition! Deftly running his trusty Chane deck first through a mirror match in the Quarterfinals, then against Rhinar in the Semifinals, and finally taking down Ming-Han Lee's Kassai, he adds the title of Battle Hardened Champion to his already impressive resume, and claims another Gold Foil for himself! Congratulations!

photo_6064359845198411600_y (1).jpg

Sunday - A Myriad of Possibilities with Shapeshifter Sealed!

What is Shapeshifter Sealed? Players open packs from the past 6 Flesh & Blood sets and put together a Sealed Deck! Players may use any class and talent cards in their card pool, as well as choose any hero from the past 6 sets. This allows for an insane variety of decks and wild synergies!

Briar with Kodachis? Someone managed to pull off the Frost Hex and Ice Eternal combo despite only having a single pack of Uprising!
Through the absolute chaos of it all, Abbey and Joon Chien managed to run the swiss, going 4-0 and netting themselves the Merlion Sigil Promo!

Shapeshifter Sealed.jpg

Give Shapeshifter Sealed a try at your local game store, you never know, you may just discover your new favorite way to play Flesh & Blood!

Sunday - Blitz into the Metagame of Battle Hardened Singapore!

It's a rough and tumble here at Battle Hardened Singapore! Rhinar is the most represented hero, with 17 players looking to intimidate and SMASH their competition.
Even the Emperor of Volcor has graced us with his presence, looking to Command and Conquer the battlefield. 97 have entered, 2 will get PTIs, and only ONE will get a Gold Foil.

Here's a breakdown of the Blitz metagame and with 19 heroes represented, it's looking mighty diverse

Battlehardened Mera.jpg

The Pits are a dangerous place, but we'll still head down there later in the day to get you more updates!

Sunday - A New Day, a New Metagame!

Its Day 2 of The Calling here in sunny Singapore, but the metagame is anything but! The top tables are full of Ice and Lightning, with Lexi and Oldhim converting in the highest numbers.
However, looking at percentages, the correct hero to have brought is looking like Iyslander, Stormbind. 5 players registered the Ice Wizard yesterday, and 4 made day 2, boasting a whopping conversion percentage of 80%!

Calling Sg Meta Graph.jpg

Every single hero who was registered in Day 1 is represented in Day 2, leaving no one behind!

We have lots more going on today, with a Blitz Battle Hardened event as well as numerous other side events going on, so you can expect more updates as the day progresses! Do check back in later!

Saturday - Livewire, undefeated at the end of Day 1!

Its the end of Day 1 here at The Calling Singapore, and 10 different heroes are set to take the stage tomorrow! A brief glance at the top tables is telling us to expect cold weather with more than a touch of lightning; Oldhim, Lexi & Iyslander will make up the bulk of tomorrow's competition, with Dromai, and Dash, trailing close behind.

At the end of 7 exciting rounds, it is Lexi, Livewire that left not one, but TWO players undefeated - Isaac Murray and Allen Lau have both rained their razors upon the masses all day!


Congratulations to them both, and we'll see them, and you, first thing tomorrow for the electrifying conclusion of The Calling Singapore 2023!

Saturday - Embodiment of Sol

The stories of Flesh & Blood inspire us with heroes from the world of Rathe, and some have chosen to embody their heroes of choice through Cosplay! We take an Oasis Respite from the competition rounds and get to know these Cosplayers who have chosen to bring their favorite cards to life.


Joanacris Marie Ballesta (@jm.ballesta) - Redback Shroud


"Redback Shroud is one of my favorite cards. I love the mysterious angst of the assassin in the artwork, how the different streaks of teal blend into the hood. I chose to pair it with spider’s bite as well! The most difficult part of the costume was the vest, which had a lot of intricate details. I sewed the entire costume from scratch, using foam for the arm guards as well as an airbrush and sponges for detailing. I hope to inspire everyone to try cosplaying and have fun in the Flesh and Blood!"

Teo Ziyi Ivy - Ira, Scar for a Scar


"I chose to cosplay Scar for Scar as it is an iconic card. This is one of the first cards every player sees as it can be found in the Ira Starter Deck. I also resonate deeply with Ira’s backstory. I was a mischievous child and have 2 older brothers, just like Ira! I am also very protective of my family, which is why I empathize with Ira’s quest for revenge. This is my first time participating in a cosplay event and my entire family is here to support me!"

Yuki Christy (@yukichristy) - Fyendal Spring Tunic


"I wanted to make something iconic that anyone who plays Flesh and Blood would know. I was inspired to cosplay Fyendal’s Spring Tunic by my friends who showed me the art of Taylor sewing it. I really love the gypsy renaissance vibe that it gives off as well as how it’s creation is depicted in Taylor’s art. This is the first time I’m cosplaying for Flesh and Blood and I am really grateful that there is an opportunity to do so in Singapore. I would like to thank my friends for encouraging me to register and even paying for my entry just so I could come and cosplay! I appreciate the love and support everyone has given me!"

Matilda Soon - Genis Wotchuneed


"I chose to cosplay Genis Wotchuneed as the art is very colorful and fun, which fits my personality. I have a ‘too-much’ gene, which means I tend to go over the top with my costumes. I am held together by hot glue, hopes and dreams! The hardest thing to put together was the tent and making sure that it does not collapse. I would like to thank my friend Julie, who is cosplaying as Data Doll, for sticking it through thick and thin with me."

Julie - Data Doll


"Data Dall is not a popular hero. People think she’s less viable competitively and doesn’t see much play. I chose to cosplay her as I wanted to showcase her story. Walking around as Data Doll is a representation of freedom and rebellion as she is now free from the Iron Assembly. I hope more people would come to know of her story and give her a shot. I would like to thank Tilly for introducing me to the game as well as my boyfriend, Will, who encouraged me whenever I felt like giving up."

Paul Mendoza - Viserai


"I started playing Flesh and Blood last month and chose to cosplay as my favorite hero, Viserai. Viserai has a lot of intricate parts, which involved a lot of planning and construction. We had to transport the armor in separate pieces and assemble it here in Singapore. I would like to thank my lovely wife, Sheila, for helping me sew the pieces together and supporting me in any way she can. Without her, I can’t even put on this costume!"

Touran (@tourannn) - Young Dash

Young Dash.jpg

"I chose to cosplay as Dash because I really love the steampunk aesthetic of the Metrix. I also have red hair just like Dash! I really look forward to more Flesh and Blood events in Japan!"


After the judges were done, Matilda, or Tilly, as she is known locally, walked away with the much coveted Cold Foil Taylor Hero! Well deserved, as she did a great job embodying one of the most prosperous heroes in Flesh & Blood! Congratulations!

Saturday - The Youngest Flesh & Blood Player in the room!

Luke Mearns is the youngest player here at The Calling Singapore! He participated yesterday's Challenge the Monarch event built his very own Monarch sealed deck.

Kid Mearns.jpg

‘I started playing when Monarch first came out. My dad wanted to introduce me to a game where I can practice my English. He encourages me to read all the text on the card, including the flavour text. This is my first ever event playing with adults. Boltyn is my favourite hero so I really look forward to new Boltyn cards in Dusk till Dawn!’

That's awesome, Luke! Ser Boltyn will indeed be getting some upgrades when Dusk till Dawn hits the shelves next month, so expect the commander of Solana's forces to be front and center in War of the Monarch!

Saturday - The Art of War in Singapore

In a game like Flesh & Blood, evocative artwork is what guides us on our journey through the world of Rathe.
Here's a massive shoutout to the 5 amazing artists that have joined us this weekend at The Calling Singapore!.

  • Lius Lasahido, who drew classics like Dorinthea Ironsong, as well as Steelblade Supremacy.
  • Kevin Sidharta, who gave us the glory that is Seek and Destroy.
  • Wisnu Tan, who gave us the iconic Rhinar, Reckless Rampage, as well as Surgical Extraction.
  • Yolanda Felicia, best known for her work on Tome of Aetherwind and Red in the Ledger.
  • Arif Wijaya, known for his dynamic pieces on Scar for a Scar and Reckless Swing.

If you're in the area, come on by and get your cards and playmats signed!

Saturday - The Calling Singapore 2023 Metagame Breakdown

Let’s take a look at what our players brought to the table!. Almost every hero was represented in today’s metagame, with Riptide, Levia and Arakni being left out of the picture. Lexi is still the most popular hero, with 50 players looking to Rain Razors.

This is followed by Oldhim, with 30 players taking him for a last hoorah before he is officially a Living Legend. Dromai and Katsu are region favourites, with Azalea not far behind. Even Iyslander, who is rarely seen in the local metagame, has also made an icy cold impression amidst a sea of rangers and warriors.

Calling Sg Meta Graph.jpg

We'll give you another snapshot of the metagame tomorrow, so we can chart them Day 2 conversion rates!

Saturday - Merlion's Calling

With 288 players, the Calling Singapore is in full swing! The battlefield is peppered with excitement as players made their way to their seats for Round 1. Taking a quick peak around the hall, many players were seen sharpening the tip of their arrows with either Lexi or Azalea. Broods of dragons can be seen nesting as well in several Dromai decks. We wish them the best of luck as they charge into the battlefield!


Call upon the Blessing of Sol

Within you it flows

Glory and guidance

Bask in its radiance

Friday - Around the Globe

32 players participated in the Commoner event, seeking to score the extremely exclusive World Guide vol 1: Welcome to Rathe! We saw a variety of different heroes, including a rare appearance of Kayo! After 4 swiss rounds and the top 8 cut, Ira, Crimson Haze emerged victorious over her fellow ninja - Fai.


Congratulations to Lin Po Yu for taking it all down! Here's what the champ had to say about the Commoner format:

Q: Why did you choose Ira for this Commoner event?

A: She's easy to play and has a lot of efficient attacks, being able to consistently present 8 damage a turn with only 2 cards in hand.

Q: What was a memorable moment for you in this event?

A: I somehow survived a Fai full hand attack because he didn't manage to finish with Salt the Wound!

Q: What would you like people to know about the Commoner Format?

A: It's a fun and easy to play format, and accessible too! Give it a try, and see you at The Calling Taiwan!

Friday - The Monarch has fallen, and New Heroes rise!

The Monarch has fallen to Isaac Teo! For overthrowing the Monarchy, this revolutionary was awarded with a Cold Foil young Prism token.


The undefeated champions of Light and Shadow at the end of the event were also gifted the world’s first copies of Cold Foil Young Heroes from Dusk till Dawn! The two Light players were each awarded with a Prism, Advent of Thrones Cold Foil Hero, and the two Shadow players were awarded with a Vynnset Cold Foil Hero.


The winners were invited on stage to reveal their respective heroes. War-cries were heard as the audience cheered for the reveal, followed by resounding applause and Revels in Runeblood. Keep a look out for them circulating in the wild and join us tomorrow for the official reveal!

Friday - Challenge the Monarch

This weekend kicks off with our first Sigil of Solace event - Challenge the Monarch! This is a Monarch sealed event, with players crafting decks and battling against one another.
Who’s the Monarch? It’s none other than James White! He represents the shadows of the Demonastery as Chane.

James White Prep.jpg

Renowned content creators OneTwoJuice have also joined the battle in defence of the Monarchy! Can our players overthrow them?


Friday - Scout the Periphery

The Calling Singapore weekend is jammed packed full of exciting events, including 3 amazing opportunities to obtain the exclusive Merlion Sigil of Solace promo. Let’s take a moment to scout the venue.

From cold foil tokens to booster boxes and playmats, there’s overflowing loot in store for our players this weekend. Grab those side event contracts and start collecting your bounties!

Prize Wall.jpg

Need a slight boost in power? Peruse the arsenal of weaponry and codexes of knowledge provided by the merchants of the Maw. Whether you are looking to fully polish your knives or to equip yourself for the arduous climb to the top, be sure to check them out.


If you’re looking to preserve your trinkets and baubles, Premier Card Grading has also set up a booth for players to grade their cards.

Vendor PCG1.jpg

Join us in the pits

You aspiring bunch of misfits

Contracts rewarding deeds

Careful… Do. Not. Bleed.

Welcome to the Calling: Singapore Live Blog!

Stay tuned for exciting snapshots across the whole weekend...