Calling: Liverpool Live Blog

9th Feb 2024

We enter the Calling: Liverpool top 8!

Congratulations to Calling: Liverpool Champion, Francesco Giorgio! The winner of an exclusive Gold Foil Extended-Art Balance of Justice, a ProTour Invite and $5000 USD!


Catch the recap of him incredible victory:

Debris lies across the arena floor. The results are in. The audience silent. After 2 drafts of Heavy Hitters the dust settles revealing the final contenders: Valentin Mackl, Pablo Pintor, Naib Mobassir, Liam Holden, Mark Henderson, Julian Felix Flurry, Yassine Echafai & Francesco Giorgio.


These gladiators all stand a chance of claiming the title as Calling: Liverpool Champion. Only 1 draft and 3 rounds separates them. Moving into battle stance they raise their weapons and charge head-on into the top 8!


Be sure to catch the feature game live from the Deathmatch Arena here.


Our formidable contestants have battled through two days of Sealed competition, leading us to the ultimate decider. The final duel is between Francesco Giorgio and Liam Holden. Both players drafted Kassai, and whilst one may have a better deck on paper, who still has the composure to see the clash through to victory?


They trade blow after blow, back and forth sabre's clang. The match is tight between the two UK players, but in the end Francesco delivers the killing blow.

Congratulations to Francesco for a fantastic top 8 showing at Calling: Liverpool, the City of Music, and producing a smash hit! Francesco Giorgio claims the title of Calling: Liverpool Champion, clutching an exclusive Gold Foil Extended-Art Balance of Justice, a ProTour Invite and $5000 USD!

Battle Hardened reaches the Top 8!

Congratulations to Rob Catton- Battle Hardened Champion, and winner of a random Gold Cold Foil, a ProTour Invite and $500 USD!


Let's see his journey to this phenomenal win:

The results are in! A full day of Classic Constructed format and 8 swiss rounds is what it took to separate the pack. Let's see who's headlining the top 8!


In first position, the undefeated Finlay Shepherd with Ser Boltyn, Breaker of Dawn. Lorenzo Brambilla Pisoni and Alex Chitu represent Dash, Inventor Extraordinaire while Michael Feng and Erika Forslof present crushing blows with Bravo, Showstopper. Adding variety to the top 8 we see lone representations of Prism, Awakener of Sol by Rob Catton and Uzuri, Switchblade by George Keys. Rounding out the pack, George Douglas looks to set the arrive ablaze as Kano, Dracai of Aether.


Just 3 more rounds of Classic Constructed stand between our battle-hardened hopefuls!


Prism, Awakener of Sol blinds her opponents, securing Rob Catton a seat in the final alongside the emphatic Ser Boltyn, Breaker of Dawn, expertly piloted by Finlay Shepherd. Can Rob be the only player in today's Battle Hardened to make Finlay faulter?


Finlay's Ser Boltyn swings Raydn time and again at Rob's Prism but in the end Rob applies too much pressure with Herald attacks. Both players have been in impeccable form today representing heroes yet to be proven in the meta since the release of Heavy Hitters.

Congratulations to Rob Catton- Battle Hardened Champion, and winner of a random Gold Cold Foil, a ProTour Invite and $500 USD!

Calling: Liverpool Day 2!

An ensemble of grizzled champions take stance - only the most prestigious 64 players have qualified to Calling: Liverpool Day 2 following yesterday's clash. Who has what it takes to call themselves Calling: Liverpool Champion and lay claim to the exclusive Gold Foil Extended-Art Balance of Justice, a ProTour Invite and $5000 USD?


Today they must overcome the treacherous path of two Heavy Hitters drafts before a cut to top 8 where their draft skills will be tested for a final time. The title is shot is within reach. Let's take a look at the meta breakdown.


Between the 6 heroes and 3 classes represented in Heavy Hitters, there is a clear favourite for each class amongst the pack.

The second draft of the top 64 shapes up similarly to the first with Kayo, Armed and Dangerous being a favourite hero amongst our top competitors.


However, Draft format is exceptionally nuanced and complex as fierce competition within a draft pod can produce some shocking results.

Final day of the Calling: Liverpool!

Players filter into the arena on a misty morning, wounds soaked and muscles taped following tremendous competition in yesterday's premiere event.


We kick off the final day here in the City of Music with a Classic Constructed format, Battle Hardened event. Considering the recent release of Heavy Hitters, a meta is still yet to settle- and that's clear taking a look at the heroes.

Whilst we await the official count (stick around for that!) early scouts of the tables suggest a heavy representation of Levia, Shadowborn Abomination, as players look to utilise new cards from the Heavy Hitters set. The same can be said for new fan-favourites like Kayo, Armed and Dangerous, and Victor Goldmane, High and Mighty. There's no doubt that some players will take this opportunity to play their favourite hero regardless of competitive strength.


And the numbers are in- 152 players enter the arena for the Battle Hardened event. Let's assess the Classic Constructed meta.


The meta is alive and diverse. New heroes mix with old in this battle for the ages. Bravo, Showstopper, one of the most highly represented heroes is still just 10% of the meta. Considering the support for all classes available in the expansion slot in Heavy Hitters, we see players vying for their favoured heroes, attempting to shape the meta to their will.


Heroes wipe the sweat from their brow, they shake off the muscular ache, and step back into the fray facing a total of 8 rounds.

The Commoner champion is crowned!

War rages on in the Battle Hardened and Calling Day 2 events. A smaller tussle breaks out amongst the audience. It appears they've become distracted by a fanciful treasure with a craze to claim it for themselves.


This Commoner format presents the opportunity for one Glory Seeker to walk away with a Gold Cold Foil, an opportunity usually reserved for the most fierce competitions. Commoner format reduces the barrier to entry by restricting players to just common and rare cards, distilling matches down to the games core, fundamental mechanics.

The majority of heroes represented in today's Commoner meta harken to older sets, the likes of Iyslander from Uprising, Dash from Arcane Rising and even as far back as Ira, Crimson Haze from Crucible of War.


Our 28 competitors of varying experience face-off as equals. As numbers dwindle, one player rises victorious...


Congratulations to Adam Collins, expert pilot of Dash and winner of a Gold Cold Foil!

Time for the Cosplay Contest!

Fans of Flesh and Blood show their love for the artwork, the lore and the game in a variety of ways. Calling events are an opportunity to get involved in many different events, of which the most extravagant- the most exuberant- is the Cosplay Competition!


Today's competitors have been preparing and designing their costumes for months, learning new techniques and mastering a swathe of materials. The winner of the contest will walk away with a Taylor and a Fabric of Spring card and playmat. Participants strut their stuff through the venue to rapturous applause. Let's take a look at them:


First up, our previous UK Calling: Birmingham winner, Jodie Dorling as Briar, Warden of Thorns


Henrik Montin as Pulverize


Dean Alldread as Yoji, Royal Protector


Matthew Folkes as Olympia


Niamh Austin as Iyslander & Coronets Peak


Alexandra Frangopol as Kano


Sheila Sauber as Ravenous Rabble (promo version)

Our notorious judges- tough to impress, Dan Tripp, constructive critic, Simon Denning & the always-positive Hamish Chisholm-Brown from Push the Point Podcast- analyse the competition.

Congratulations to our top 4; Alexandra Frangopol, Matt Foulkes, Sheila Sauber, and lastly- the winner..


Dean Alldread as Yoji, Royal Protector! Many thanks to all of our fantastic contestants!

Side-Events Galore!

The premiere event isn't the only one today in which players crack packs and construct a deck from their card pool. In Shapeshifter Sealed players receive 6 packs of Flesh and Blood TCG- and they won't necessarily be from the same set!


Today, players receive a single pack from Monarch, Tales of Aria, Uprising, Dynasty, Outsiders and Dusk til Dawn. Whilst it may at first sound as if constructing a deck from this combination requires the support of dark magic, Shapeshifter format allows players to construct decks unrestricted by the class or talent of their hero. As if forged by the dark arts of Lord Sutcliffe himself, we see players representing Lexi wielding Spider's Bite and Briar sporting a Galaxxi Black. Whilst Waning Moon is usually reserved for the likes of Iyslander, this time Dromai threatens with the Ice Wizard Staff.


But Shapeshifter isn't the only side-event at the Calling: Liverpool entertaining arena attendees. Commoner format is an equally popular format today allowing contenders to pit their might isolated from the rarest of cards therefore reducing the barrier to entry and providing a different challenge for new and veteran players alike!

The Meta Takes Shape

Distant cries of shock and awe can be heard from the Deathmatch Arena. Heroes trade blows in impeccable displays of strength. Brute's flex their Might. Guardians present their Vigor. And Warriors dodge with Agility.

As the bell rings on round 2, let's take a look at today's meta breakdown.


323 heroes enter the arena. Kayo lead's the charge with 37% presentation, and Kassai close behind with 31%. The remainder of the meta consists of Betsy followed by Olympia and Victor Goldmane. Finally, Rhinar bookends the meta represented by 4 players willing to Show No Mercy.


Remember, once players register their card pool they can adjust their deck throughout the event but they must continue to represent their registered hero until the bitter end. With round 3 approaching and 5 more gruesome rounds to follow, our intrepid heroes look to size up the competition. This is sure to be a battle for the ages!

Welcome to Calling: Liverpool Day 1!

The ground quakes. A stampede of players pour through the turnstiles- it's Day 1 of the Calling: Liverpool!

Players have been busy preparing for this Premiere Sealed event and now it's time to put it all to the test. The path to glory looks long and grisly. Tomorrow we crown our Calling: Liverpool Champion, and the winner of an exclusive Gold Foil Extended-Art Balance of Justice, a ProTour Invite and $5000 USD!


Let's see what today's contenders face to be in for a chance at the title. Players will open 6 packs of Heavy Hitters and must construct the best deck they can. Do they stick to their favourite hero, forcing their cards into a trusted strategy? Or attempt to masterfully evaluate their card pool and maximise their strength but risk playing a hero less familiar to them?


One thing is certain- as the dust settles following 8 rounds of fierce combat only the strongest will emerge thereby securing their qualification to Day 2. Stick around to hear every gruesome twist and turn of the day. And be sure to catch our live coverage from the Deathmatch Arena here.

A Trinity of Armories

Across the globe players gather at their local weekly Armory events to play Flesh and Blood TCG. What better way to celebrate than a trinity of Super Armory events offering a choice of Classic Constructed, Blitz and Heavy Hitters Sealed formats?


Whilst Blitz and Classic Constructed events get underway, over at the Sealed Armory event cheers ripple through the hall as a player lifts into the air a brand new Cold Foil Deathmatch Arena- the Fabled card in the Heavy Hitters set- uncovered from their packs. A heart-warming display of community as players celebrate one-another's good fortune.


The day draws to a close. The arena lights dim. Weary warriors retire for festivities and slumber. Tomorrow they clash in the premiere event- the Calling: Liverpool! Join us live by tuning into coverage on the Flesh and Blood TCG channel.

The Arena is Alive!

The arena floor is electric as players take to their seats for an abundance of side events. Constructed and Limited events are running concurrently on the first day of the Calling: Liverpool, allowing players of all skill levels to test their strength.


Everyone seems to have their eyes on a prize. Participants of the Ravenous Rabble event test their might in Classic Constructed format with hopes of collecting a full set of the Calling-exclusive, alternative-art promo card. Early meta reports suggest the recent release of Heavy Hitters has introduced new fan favourites in Kayo, Armed and Dangerous, and Victor Goldmane, High and Mighty.

Those looking to hone their skills in Sealed format ahead of tomorrow's main event clash in a Heavy Hitter's Sealed event. Speaking to newer players to Flesh and Blood TCG in attendance, they excitedly show off shiny new cards fresh from packs and recap first victories.


Fans of Blitz format rejoice as they take to seats for an event rewarding double tickets. Players across the hall, regardless of event, clutch their prize tickets ready to claim treasure.

Welcome to the Calling: Liverpool Mini Live Blog!

We're coming to you live from the City of Music, as the curtain is drawn for the Calling: Liverpool! The stage is set and venue dressed to host the biggest gig yet to see the UK in 2024.


Early arrivals to the arena look to flesh out their Heavy Hitters collections browsing the vendor displays for luxurious wares. Others are utterly captivated by a bejewelled prize wall. Today's Glory Seekers will get the first chance to trade prize tickets in exchange for cold foil tokens, exclusive playmats and oversized cards. Tempting eager champions is a series of uncut card sheets sit centrepiece of the prize wall.


Meanwhile fans queue to greet our esteemed guest artist, Tomasz Jedruszek, the man behind Agility, Shakedown and many more pieces of adored artwork. Lastly, PCG offer attendees the opportunity to protect their passion by grading fanciful collections.

We have a bounty of side events to report today including the popular Ravenous Rabble event. Stay tuned for latest news live from the arena at the Calling: Liverpool.